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If you’ve been hearing about the keto trend recently, you may also have heard people talking about getting their pets to go keto.  From that trend comes “Keto Pet. But What is Keto Pet?

What is Keto Pet: A Radical Approach To Pet Nutrition

Keto Pet can refer to simply putting an animal on a ketogenic diet. Or it can refer to “keto” dog food like this. Or it can refer to the KetoPet Sanctuary for dogs with cancer. Studies do show how ketogenic diets can help treat cancer, among other things. But What is Keto Pet in this context? Do these ideas apply to pets (dogs specifically)? Read on to learn more.

What is Keto Pet: KetoPet Sanctuary (KPS) For Dogs

A the KetoPet Sanctuary (KPS), their mission is to help canines with cancer. The program was founded in 2014 as a non-profit organization. The people who run this organization are passionate about keeping dogs with cancer from having to get euthanized. When a dog arrives at the KPS, they are put on a ketogenic diet. This diet is high fat, “adequate” protein, and low carb. KPS believes in the power of a dog-friendly ketogenic diet to combat cancer in dogs. In addition to having these dogs go keto, KPS offers the best standards in veterinary care and oncology including chemotherapy, surgery and / or radiation. KPS also emphasizes the amount of love they have for these dogs!

While KPS recognizes that a ketogenic diet is not a “cure” for cancer, since the organization started in 2014, they have seen results. According to their data, 55% of the dogs who “graduate” from their program are enjoying quality of life in ways that greatly exceed how they were before entering the program. They even report that some dogs graduate cancer-free. That’s the answer to What is Keto Pet if you are wondering about this specific organization for dogs with cancer. Read on to learn about the risks and benefits of putting your animal on a ketogenic diet.

What is Keto Pet: Putting Your Animal On A Ketogenic Diet

The best answer to What is Keto Pet is KPS detailed above. But it can also just refer to putting your pet on a ketogenic diet. Why would you do that? A lot of people want to go keto to lose weight, but that seems preposterous for an animal. But, if your animal has cancer or epilepsy, a ketogenic diet may be beneficial if it is done in a safe, animal-specific way.

For cancer, a keto diet can be helpful whether for humans or dogs since cancer cells require glucose to thrive. But keto for dogs looks different than humans. Dogs still need plenty of protein, so What is Keto Pet for dogs is a ketogenic diet that is both low carb and high fat but still has high protein as well. There are risks to putting a dog or any other animal on a ketogenic diet, however, so it’s best that you do research before you decide to try it with your furry friend.

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