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When you go to a supplement store, do you ever wonder who picks out the supplements that are featured there? It’s not exactly an open market for supplement companies. If you want to get featured on shelves, you need to provide a significant kick back to the company, or, more commonly, be owned by the company. So what are companies like Premier Keto Diet supposed to do?

The answer for Premier Keto Diet Pills, and other keto products, has been to seek their fortune online. But with that comes some difficulties. How are they supposed to sell something if the people can’t look at it and hold it in their hand? While that used to be a foreign concept, online sales for supplements like this are booming. By cutting out brick and mortar stores, they’re able to provide a product at lower mark-up, which passes savings along to the consumer. Or, at least that’s the idea.

In our review of Premier Keto Diet Pills, we’re going to cover that, and more. Join us after the break and we’ll talk pricing. But, if you’d rather see some supplements we have our eye on, click the ads to get started!

Premier Keto Diet Price

When you look at pricing for online products, the first point to consider is whether the product is available to “buy” or “try”. The latter carries some connotations that we’re not overly fond of. We tend to prefer products that have a buy option that scales up into bulk (in case we want to horde something we really like). But there are outliers to this model. There are products that have too high of a price for that model, as well as products that do well with a fairly open trial format.

For Premier Keto Diet Pills, we’ve found that their price point is somewhere in the middle of things.

Are Premier Keto Diet Pills Effective?

Every discussion about keto pills and efficacy comes back to studies done on the topic. These studies typically show that using keto supplements regularly, and at the right times, can show signs of elevated ketone (this is a very basic summary) levels in the blood. That, of course, is a mark of ketosis.

So the efficacy is really judged in terms of how it invokes ketosis, not the overall efficacy of ketosis as a weight loss approach.

So, if you’ve bought into the keto diet completely, then you’ll probably like these pills. Be warned, you still need to be actively avoiding carbs, sugars, starches etc in order for the keto diet or these premier keto diet pills to work.

Premier Keto Diet Side Effects

If you’ve been on the keto diet for awhile, then you’ll know the signs of the so-called “keto flu.” As to why you experience it, we’re far from experts. But we do know there is a big difference between the symptoms of ketosis and ketoacidosis, which is a far more dangerous condition.

Premier Keto Diet Review | Final Thoughts

First off, congrats on sticking with us this far. You’ve got a winning attitude, seeing things through to the end. Go you. To business, the Premier Keto Diet supplement might not be our favorite, but it does decently well for itself. We would like to see the price go down a little bit in order to get us more on board. We’d also like to see some supporting studies to make it more palatable. Other than that, it looks fine.

If you want to get a sense for a really good keto supplement, be sure to check out one of our recommended keto products on this page. There are a few good ones, so be sure to do your research and buy one that will work for you!

Thanks for reading and best of luck on your Keto weight loss journey. For further reading, check out our keto mega guide, or read our latest guides here.

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