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If you were to gather all the keto pills in the world and put them into some kind of talent competition and make them compete for users, what would you end up with? Besides a show that a very small audience would watch, potentially Keto X Factor. At least that’s what their marketing department wants us to think.

Today we’re looking at Keto X Factor, the latest keto pill to hit the market. Did we mention it’s popular? Because holy cow. This one is all over the internet right now. But we’re not going to let that fact distract us from having a good review. Let’s take a look at some of the bigger questions about Keto X Factor.

Keto X Factor Review

When you look at a new product like this one, the first thing you ask is; does it work?

But if your first question is; “is it safe?”, don’t worry, that’s a good one too.

In our review of Keto X Factor, we’ll be looking chiefly at these criteria;

  1. Price
  2. Efficacy
  3. Quality
  4. Safety

We have a lot to cover, so let’s jump into our analysis of price.

Keto X Factor Price

The best prices for Keto X Factor can be found via their official site. The prices go down as you order more of the product. But the savings cap out at 5 bottles. Here are the pricing levels for Keto X Factor;

  • One Bottle: $59.94/bottle
  • Three Bottles: $33/bottle
  • Five Bottles: $29.60/bottle

As you can see, it’s pretty significant savings as you buy more bottles. It’s a tough call to buy five bottles right off the bat, but it does offer significant savings.

Keto X Factor Side Effects

You obviously don’t want to take a product that might give you side effects. That’s a given. But you also want something that works, even if it makes you sniffle every few hours. It’s a trade-off. But do Keto X Factor side effects provide a big enough drawback that you shouldn’t buy it?

In our inspection, we don’t see anything that would make it that way. But we do know that products have a weird way of getting side effects in people. If you want to avoid side effects, talk with your doctor before taking any type of new supplement, including Keto X Factor.

Does Keto X Factor Work?

If you crawl through studies on keto and keto supplements like we do, then you’re probably already aware of the answer. There is some evidence available that says ketone supplements like Keto X Factor can work. But that is dependent on the user both using the supplement regularly and staying true to your keto diet requirements.

You’re not going to be able to eat pasta 3 nights a week, take this supplement and lose weight. It’s not how it works.

So, it might work if you use it right, it might not. But it might be worth a shot if you’re thinking about trying a keto supplement.

Keto X Factor | Final Thoughts

After weighing all the criteria above, we think that Keto X Factor will have some success. But we’re not full-out recommending it until we hear more about how it’s doing with more people. If a study comes out by the company or third party, we’ll up the rating significantly.

Thanks for reading our article. If you want to learn more about keto pills, or the keto diet in general, check out our keto pills mega guide here. It has a ton of useful information for you to sink your teeth into.

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