Keto Pills Mega Guide

As you can probably tell, this is a site dedicated to Keto Pills. We’re here today to dive into why these pills are such a hot topic, as to discuss the basis of their popularity; the ketogenic diet. If you’re like millions of people in the world, you’ve not only heard of the keto diet, but you’ve also considered using it at some point. It’s extremely popular, and one of the biggest diet crazes in the world. But what makes this diet so popular? Is it safe? Are there products that work better than others? There’s a whole world of questions out there about keto, and we’re here to answer some of them.

First things first.

What Are Keto Pills?

Keto pills are a capsule-based supplement that typically contain an oil, or oil powder. Depending on the supplement manufacturer, there can be a variety of oils used in keto pills.

For example, in one of the hottest keto pills products from bpi Health, they’re using a blend of oils and stimulants to get weight loss going.

But in another example from Perfect Keto is using the same approach, with Beta Hydroxybutyrate and Ground Coffee Powder to the same end.

Regardless of the approach, Keto Pills are designed to do one thing; engage your body in ketosis.

But, what is ketosis, and why are people trying to get their body to do it?

What is Ketosis?

If you’ve been thinking about the ketogenic diet (who isn’t, these days?), then you’ll want to understand the basis for the whole trend. For example, you’ll probably want to know why people on your social media keep posting meals labeled keto. Well, that comes from a bodily process called ketosis. You can read more about ketosis and if it works here.

Typically, your body will get glucose supplies from your natural diet, which includes things like sugar, grains, fruit, beans, potatoes, etc.. But when the body is starved of these carb sources, it’s turning instead to another source of energy—stored fat. So, if you eat only low carb foods, your body won’t have any sugar or carbs to burn, so it switches to burning fat stores.

Your stored fat reserves are excellent sources of energy. I mean, that’s their original purpose. They’re meant to buffer your body against times of drought and famine. While most of us in the modern, prosperous side of the world can prevent ourselves from experiencing true famine, that does provide us with a problem. With the diets we’re eating, we never have to burn the fat that we’re building up for emergencies.

The Keto Diet is founded upon the assumption that if we get rid of the ingredients that prevent us from going into ketosis, we’ll be more likely to burn through our fat stores instead of the readily available glucose. And, therefore, be more likely to lose real weight and see visible changes in your body.

The Science Behind Keto Pills

While the above description gives you the basic idea, we wanted to really dive into the scientific basis for the assumption that is the ketogenic diet. This starts with how the body processes your diet.

When you eat, your body breaks down your food into useable nutrients. You probably already know this about your body. But, it’s good to remind you so you can understand where the idea of keto pills come from.

Depending on the source food, you get a different set of nutrients delivered to the body. For today’s purposes, we’ll be focusing on things that are broken down into glucose. Because, that’s what matters the most when you’re trying to trigger ketosis in your body, or lose fat. So, let’s find out together what foods are broken down into glucose in your body below.

Foods that Provide Glucose to our Bodies

Reader beware; this list contains a lot of foods you love.

Carbohydrates: pasta, bread, cake, cookies, rice, grains, potatoes, fruits, sugar, milks, yogurt, vegetables and almost every prepared product you pick up at the store. These carbohydrates are quickly converted into useable glucose for your body.

Fat: While fats aren’t converted to glucose at the clip that other foods are, they do get converted to glucose. According to one dietitian, they’re converted at around 10% of the volume of fat, on average.

Fats can come in a variety of forms. Some are pretty easy to spot, as they come in liquid fat form (oil), or solid fat form (butter, lard) while others are a little harder to spot (salad dressings, nuts).

Protein -Protein has a limited impact on how your body is creating glucose, which is why you see it used in a variety of weight loss products. It takes a while to digest, and makes you feel very fully. According to the same source listed above, while some protein is converted to glucose, it’s happening slowly, and is limited to the liver, and not the total blood-stream.

As you can see, all of the foods we eat are converted into glucose at some rate, but carbs are by far the most impactful in glucose creation. That’s a big reason why the developers of the Ketogenic diet have tried to cut carbs out of the diet completely.

So why does cutting out the carbs help? That’s what we’ll talk about next.

What starts ketosis?

There are a variety of ways that your body tells its organs what to do. Some of those directions are delivered via hormone or chemical, and say; produce this, or burn this, or get rid of this immediately or you’re going to die. These same chemicals play a role in telling your body to engage in ketosis.

When there aren’t abundant sources of glucose available for the body to use, it begins to process body fat into something called ketones. These ketones are then broken apart by the body for energy use. While there is already ketosis going on to some extent at all times (some organs prefer energy from ketones) when there isn’t glucose available, it’s coming almost solely from these broken down ketones.

What are ketones?

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we better dive in and discuss what ketones are. Ketones, or ketone bodies as we’ve seen them called, are made up of three different compounds; acetone, acetoacetate and betahydroxybutryate. These compounds are the result of a process involving acetyl CoA. Acetyl CoA is the component that is formed when your body breaks down existing, dietary fatty acids. When it isn’t processed in the citric acid cycle, it’s then turned into ketone bodies.

So, how are ketones used in Keto supplements?

The idea behind keto pills, and other forms of keto supplements, is that you’re putting the ketones typically derived from the non-citric acid cycle of Aceytl CoA, and giving them directly to the bloodstream. This, in theory, should make the body respond by continuing the ketosis phase.

The idea here with keto pills is that you don’t have to follow the strict Ketogenic Diet to get results. Because, keto pills typically are supposed to be supplying your body with the type of ketone it needs to go into ketosis without restricting carbs in your diet. But, our reviews strive to see if the keto pills we’re featuring actually work in that way.

Do you need Keto Pills to lose weight?

If you’re trying to lose weight, you know the best way to do it. Say it with us: diet and exercise. Now, we’ll never sit here and tell you a supplement is a good replacement for actually putting in the work. And, if you’re expecting keto pills to be your end-all-be-all for weight loss, they probably won’t be.

Because, as far as we know, there aren’t any magic keto pills that can improve weight loss while you sit on the couch. Science hasn’t come up with a formula that burns away all your fat while you do nothing. As much as we want a magic weight loss pill that works while we eat chips and watch movies, that hasn’t happened yet. So, we don’t want you thinking that keto pills are going to do all the work for you.

That being said, whatever diet you choose to follow while taking keto pills is up to you. In fact, if you read the label of most keto pills, you’ll see they want you to diet and exercise while taking them. So, as long as you know that going in, you can add keto pills to your routine to see if they boost your weight loss in any way.

What it really comes down to is if you want to add something else to your routine. For example, you may find a brand of keto pills that you’re really interested in. And, it might just take some trial and error with different keto pills brands to see if any of them work in your routine. But, like we said, we still recommend diet and exercise. So, below, we’ll talk about the diet that inspired the keto pills trend a little more in-depth.

Keto Pills Vs. The Ketogenic Diet

So, like we said, you can’t expect any keto pills to actually replace a diet. At least, not until the science comes back on some more brands. But, there is some research suggesting that a Ketogenic Diet can actually help reduce weight when monitored closely. But, if that’s the case, why are there keto pills in the first place?

Well, the Ketogenic Diet is incredibly restrictive. We’re talking you have to count every single gram of carbs you consume. Think about how much food you love is full of carbs. For example, pasta, bread, and rice are basically all carbohydrates. So, on the Ketogenic Diet, you have to say goodbye to a lot of foods you love. But, that’s true with almost any diet.

The Ketogenic Diet takes it almost to another level though. What becomes so difficult about it is you have to give up tons of foods you love. Even an apple can put you over your carb limit for the day. For most Ketogenic Diets, it looks like people are sticking between 25-50 grams of carbs a day. And, the majority of them are eating less than 25 grams of carbs a day.

A medium sized apple has 25 grams of carbs in it. So, if you ate even one, you’d be over your carb limit already for the day. That means a lot of fruits are off the table when it comes to doing this diet. Now, on most diets, you can pretty much eat whatever fruit you want. But, on this diet, you can’t even do that. So, you can start seeing just how restrictive this diet really is. And, that’s why so many people are looking for keto pills to replace it, if that’s even possible.

Though, a word on carbs here. We want to stress that for most Ketogenic Diets, you should be tracking net carbs you’re consuming. For example, if you’re eating half an avocado, the net carb count is only 2 grams of carbs. But, the actual count if you look it up online is 9 grams. But, since one half avocado holds about 7 grams of fiber, that leaves only 2 grams of net carbs behind, which is what you count.

The idea with the Ketogenic Diet is that you eat low carb and high fat. That means you’ll say goodbye to cereals, bread, pasta, rice, many fruits, some vegetables, and all the sweets you love. And, you can’t really have chips, crackers, or anything like that. So, that puts a lot of responsibility in your hands for choosing the right foods. And, it makes it a lot harder to ever take cheats days. Below, we’ll get into what you can and can’t eat with the Ketogenic Diet.

Ketogenic Diet Food List

What To Eat:

So, like we said, the majority of your food is going to be protein and fat-based. While that may sound straightforward and simple, it’s harder to do than you think. Below, we’ll talk about a few foods that take center stage when you choose to do this diet. Because, your goal here is to eat under 25 grams of carbs. If you can’t swing that, don’t go over 50 grams of carbs a day.

Seafood – One mainstay in the Ketogenic Diet is seafood. We’re talking shrimp, fish, clams, salmon, sardines, mackerel, oysters, squid, and shellfish in general. Pretty much any fish-like creature can provide protein with limited carbs. For example, clams are 5 grams of carbs per 3.5 ounce serving. And, salmon doesn’t have any carbohydrates and also helps your brain.

Meat And Poultry – Of course, meat and poultry is another good low carb option. You’ll be consuming a lot of this when you’re on the Ketogenic Diet. These types of food are high in protein, too, which is important for maintaining muscle mass during a low carb diet. We recommend choosing grass-fed beef and free-range poultry if you can afford it. Those types of meats usually contain more nutrients than traditional types. But, of course, that can get expensive, too.

Cheese – If you’re not a huge cheese fan, for one thing, you’re crazy. For the other thing, cheese is a great source of protein, Calcium, and almost zero carbs. Plus, when your diet is this restricted, cheese is a great flavorful component to your diet. It can help spice up the same old chicken dish you’ve been cooking for weeks. Then, you can also eat cottage cheese, which is an option many people often forget about. Did we tell you that we love cheese?

Low-Carb Vegetables – Not all vegetables are created the same when it comes to carb-count. So, yes, you have to be careful about what you choose here, too. You need to choose non-starchy vegetables like kale, broccoli, and cauliflower. What vegetables do you have to say goodbye to? Starchy ones like potatoes, yams, and beets can put you over your carb limit for the day. So, when in doubt, look up the vegetable you want to eat online to see how many carbs it contains.

Avocados – We talked about avocados a bit up above, but they’re great for your body. And, a half of one medium sized avocado only gets you 2 net carbs. So, that means you can use avocado to spice up your boring dishes. And, you can also make sauces out of it, which can add flavor and variety to your restrictive diet.

Eggs – Another staple in the keto diet is eggs. You can make them however you want, and they’re relatively cheap, too. Truly, you can make an omelet for dinner, scramble them for breakfast the next day, try them over easy at lunch… the options are endless. Plus, you can easily make a ham and cheese omelet and barely increase your carb intake for the day. Not to mention, eggs are versatile and easy to whip up quickly. So, you should rely pretty heavily on eggs during this diet, if you ask us.

Plain Greek Yogurt – Now, milk is kind of out on the Ketogenic diet. Because, due to its sugar content, it’s going to rack you up 12 grams of carbs per glass. But, if you choose plain, non-flavored Greek yogurt, you can eat that. We’re talking the boring kind with no flavor. And, make sure it’s Greek, since that’s higher in protein than normal yogurts. Plus, Greek yogurt is good for cooking.

Coconut / Olive Oil – Next, you need oils to cook with, right? Well, the best options for the Ketogenic Diet are coconut and olive. Be careful with coconut oil though, since it can add a lot of calories to your food. But, Olive oil is good for your body in general. And, neither of them really have carbs, so try choosing these two cooking oils when you need one. Leave standard cooking oil behind, since it’s not as good for you.

Seeds And Nuts – Next, you should focus on increasing your intake of different nuts and seeds. Not only are they great for your body and your health, but they’re usually very low in carbs. We love almonds because they have a low net carb count. Walnuts, cashews, and unsalted peanuts can be great snacks, as well. Then, one powerhouse food we’d eat on a diet or not is Chia seeds. They’re chock full of great for you nutrients. And, they come in at 1-gram net carbs, since they’re so high in fiber and protein. Other good seed choices include pumpkin, sesame, and flaxseeds. Again, when in doubt, just look up your choice online.

Berries – Like we said, fruits like apples may be off the menu when you’re doing the Ketogenic Diet. Because, they’re too high in carbs. But, berries are good for you and relatively low in net carbs. Plus, they’re great for satisfying your sweet tooth, since chocolate is usually a no-no. Go for berries like blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Of course, don’t go hog wild. Be sure to still measure how many carbs you’re taking in with everything you eat.

Butter – Yay! Butter is still a ketogenic friendly food. Thank god, because this list was looking a little bland, right? Of course, you can’t just eat as much butter as you want. You still have to be cognizant of how many calories you’re eating. But, butter and cream and help you add flavor to your food without adding carbs. What a relief, right?

Vegetable Noodles – Sometimes called zoodles, if you’re making them out of zucchini, this can satisfy your cravings for pasta while keeping carb count low. You can basically make noodles out of any vegetable. But, zucchini is a good choice since it only comes to around 6 grams per vegetable. Trust us, don’t knock this trend until you try it. We could barely notice the difference when we ate a pasta dish with zoodles.

Coffees And Teas – Now, we’re talking the boring unsweetened versions of these drinks. You can’t add sugar, honey, or additives. That means your run to the coffee shop got a whole lot more boring, but probably less expensive. You can still get your caffeine fix if you choose plain black coffee or unsweetened black or green teas.

Dark Chocolate / Cocoa Powders – Wait, what? Didn’t we say you couldn’t eat chocolate on this diet. Well, you can, but you might not like it. Because, chocolate that contains 70% cocoa is usually lower in carbs. But, it won’t taste as good. You may be able to develop a taste for it though. Again, you can’t go hog wild on these. Be sure to track every gram of carb you’re eating to remain in the ketosis state.

What To Avoid:

Sugary Foods – Yes, that means saying goodbye to your sweet tooth. If you want to trigger ketosis in your body, you can’t have that much sugar. Foods like ice cream, cookies, cakes, juices, sodas, donuts, chocolate, and other goodies like that are super high in carbohydrates. And, they just don’t add very much nutritional value to your diet.

Starchy Foods – Then, here’s another list of foods we love but that aren’t approved for the Ketogenic Diet. You can’t have traditional pasta, pizza, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fries, chips, oatmeal, beans, lentils, bread, and rice. Now, there are starting to be some keto friendly versions of these foods out there. But, just be careful and continue to look at the carb count.

Beer – Yes, even beer is off the table. It’s basically liquid bread, which is a huge no on the diet. Now, you could look for low-carb versions. But, again, you can only have so many carbs in a day, and we don’t know if you want to waste any of them on beer.

Bottom Line – There might be new products out there that are labeled keto and low-carb. Because, companies want to cash in on this huge keto trend. But, you still need to read the label and ensure these foods aren’t just loaded with sugar and fake sweeteners. Usually, to make up for the lack of carbs, these companies pile in the fake sweeteners. So, analyze the label. And, stick to real, whole, natural foods before even thinking about packaged crap.

How Low Carb Is The Keto Diet?

Well, it depends on you and your preferences surrounding food. For a lot of people, cutting down to 20 grams of carbs a day can feel almost impossible. And, it leads to a high burnout rate among people trying the diet. Because, let’s face it, our American diet is loaded with carbs and sugars. The average person here takes in around 250 grams of carbs a day!

So, trying to switch your body from all carb to almost no carb can feel impossible. Plus, it takes a ton of planning. Below, we’ll breakdown three options for the Ketogenic Diet. It comes down to you, how much weight you want to lose, and how fast you want to lose it (and how much you want to torture yourself).

Less Than 20 Grams A Day – To truly be in the keto level of this diet, you should eat fewer than 20 or 25 grams of carbs a day. This is going to be very difficult, unless you generally only survive on meat in the first place. And, you have to eat a diet high in fat to keep your energy levels up.

20-50 Grams A Day – Next, you can choose to do a moderate low carb diet. In this case, you can eat between 25-50 grams of carbs a day. And, this might be easier for those of you interested in the Ketogenic Diet but who aren’t looking to restrict themselves as much as the first option.

50 – 100 Grams A Day – You can also choose to up your carb intake a little more. This might still provide some weight loss benefits, and it certainly lets you eat a bigger variety of foods. One way to do the Ketogenic Diet is to ease into it by starting here, and then working your way to less than 20 grams of carbs a day as your body gets used to it.

How Long Does It Take To Get Into Ketosis?

You’re going to see some keto pills brands claiming they work in a week. And, for people who are actually following a Ketogenic Diet, your body probably won’t kick into ketosis for about a week. So, you can probably see where keto pills companies are getting that claim from.

Ketosis can take up to a week to start in your body. But, it can start within 2 days depending on how much you exercise, what you’re eating, and your body type. The fastest way to start ketosis is to exercise on an empty stomach while also restricting carb intake to under 20 grams, like we talked about.

Calories And The Ketogenic Diet

Now, if you’re using keto pills, you probably should still be paying attention to calories. And, calories matter if you’re following the diet, too. The goal is to eat enough to actually fuel your body. But, eating as much as you want probably won’t serve you well, either.

So, just be smart about it. That means eating whole foods, but not stuffing yourself. Try to stick to portion sizes, and you should be good. It’s all about how you feel. If you’re starving, you can eat a little more. Just listen to your body whether you take keto pills or not.

How To Track Carbs

Now, like we said, you’re going to be tracking the number of carbs you eat by grams. The best way to do this is via a food app. You can, of course, use pen and paper. But, we think apps like MyFitnessPal and Lose It!, or even the Fitbit app, are easy ways to follow along with how many carbs you’re taking it. This is a diet that requires diligence, and it requires you to pay attention. Again, it makes sense why keto pills are so popular right now, because this diet takes A LOT of work.

Exercising And The Keto Diet

Yes, no matter if you follow the Keto diet or if you consume keto pills, you have to focus on exercising. The thing is, when you cut out carbs, you might have the keto flu, or the carb flu. This can make you feel wiped out and super low in energy. So, working out might be the last thing on your mind. Now, some keto pills companies claim to help you avoid this keto flu. But, the jury is still out on that. If you’re super wiped out, still try to get some movement in. Just try something simple like walking to get your exercise in even when you’re exhausted.

How To Fight The Keto Flu

When you start getting that brain fogginess, feeling crabby, getting headaches, or feeling exhausted, that’s your body detoxing from carbs. Now, we don’t know if a keto pill can actually stop you from feeling this. But, with the diet, you will feel it. So, when this happens, try to drink more water and focus on eating salt. For example, salted nuts, deli meat, and bacon can help improve the carb flu. Otherwise, you just need to wait it out. Within a week or two, your body should be adjusted to the fewer carbs. That is, if you’re choosing the diet over keto pills.

Five Downfalls Of The Ketogenic Diet

Here, we have a list of the reasons the Ketogenic Diet might not be for you. And, this is also kind of a list of reasons people look for options outside of the Keto Diet, like keto pills. Keto pills are supposed to save you from the hard work of the actual diet. Again, we aren’t sure they do that yet, and each of our reviews will look into that more. But, for now, let’s focus on some of the reasons keto pills were made in the first place.

  1. It’s Hard To Stick To – We don’t know about you, but saying goodbye to all the foods we love doesn’t sound appealing. Plus, you’re going to have to grocery shop a lot more frequently. And, you’re straight up going to be eating a lot of the same things all the time. It’s no wonder keto pills are becoming popular, despite their lack of evidence.
  2. It Can Wipe You Out – There is something called the carb flu that happens when you restrict the number of carbs you consume. And, many keto pills claim to be able to help you avoid this carb flu. But, it’s essentially where your body is detoxing off carbs. So, you might feel very tired, weak, crabby, and get headaches more frequently. If you stick to it, these symptoms will go away in a couple weeks. But, it’s not fun to deal with.
  3. You Can’t Really Have Cheat Days – Cheat days in a diet are one way to help you stick to a hard diet. But, because you’re constantly trying to reach ketosis, you can’t really have a cheat day, or even a cheat meal, without having to start completely over with your diet. That makes it really hard to stick to, and can lead to binge eating, which inevitably leads to people giving up. Again, it’s no wonder keto pills are becoming so popular.
  4. It Can Be Hard On Your Body – Finally, if you aren’t doing the keto diet the right way, you can become low in nutrients. Many people will rely on eating tons of meat and eggs. But, you need to be careful and incorporate all the foods we listed above to maintain balance. Plus, this diet can lead to things like kidney stones. So, if you do choose the diet, you have to be careful and don’t do it for too long. Again, it’s easy to see why the rise of keto pills is so big right now. This diet is dang hard.
  5. Constipation Is Common – Due to the huge change in your diet and the lack of available fruits, many people report getting constipated. Again, we don’t know if taking keto pills would help this. But, you can do a few things to fight it off. Try to drink a lot of water, try chia seeds (super high in fiber), drink black coffee, and eat more (non-starchy) vegetables.

Who Shouldn’t Try The Ketogenic Diet?

Now, whether you try out keto pills or not, the Ketogenic Diet itself isn’t for everyone. Anyone who has kidney damage, type 2 diabetes, anyone with an at risk heart, heart disease, and pregnant people should not try out this diet. Plus, people with type 1 diabetes shouldn’t either, as it can bring your blood sugar too low. Basically, if you’re considering doing this diet, it might be best just to consult a doctor before trying it. The same goes for keto pills. You don’t want to put your body at risk just to lose weight.

Bottom Line With The Diet

All in all, the Ketogenic Diet is incredibly hard to follow. And, this is a high fat diet. You need to consume fats to keep your energy levels up. Otherwise, your body won’t have anything to burn, and you won’t even be able to get your day started. So, if you want to try out the diet, then go for it. Just know what you’re getting into, and don’t be discouraged when you’re finding out how hard it is. Again, the diet is super hard, which is probably why keto pills are becoming an equally huge trend. Many people don’t want to focus on how many carbs they eat. And, keto pills are supposedly an easier solution to weight loss. Who doesn’t love easy?

How To Measure Ketones

If you’re really into this idea of Ketosis, you can buy certain gadgets and kits online to test the number of ketones in your blood. Now, this is totally optional. But, if you do try out keto pills, this may be one way to see if they’re actually helping you reach ketosis or not. Or, it can tell you if you’re going hard enough on the diet or not. Usually, these gadgets take a finger prick and read your ketones in that way. Again, totally optional, but may be good for tracking the actual results of keto pills. Below, the best way to interpret your results based on blood glucose levels or mmol/L.

  1. Below 0.5 mmol/L – This would not be ketosis. So, if you get this reading on your blood reading gadget, you’re not in ketosis at all. And, if you’re taking some type of keto pills, that would mean they aren’t doing anything for you.
  2. Between 0.5 – 1.5 mmol/L – Next, this is the range that might get you some weight loss. So, if you’re taking keto pills and you experience this, you’re kind of in the ketosis range. However, you’d probably want to be in the next range for the best effect.
  3. Between 1.5 – 3 mmol/L – This is the optimal ketosis range, according to scientists. If you’re getting here with keto pills, your body might actually be burning fat instead of carbs. This is the one area where maximum weight loss might happen.
  4. Anything Over 3 mmol/L – If you’re getting a reading over this, you don’t really need to be there. You’re probably following the Ketogenic Diet perfectly, but you might also not be eating enough. So, you have to be very careful and back off if you get here. Again, you probably wouldn’t want to be in this range with keto pills.

Different Types Of Keto Pills

To make things even more complicated, there isn’t one type of keto pills out there. There are actually four different types that we’re going to talk about today. So, if you’re already confused about keto pills, buckle up, we’re here to explain a little bit more. That way, you know what you’re getting when it comes to keto pills. And, when you see a supplement you want to try, you can decide for yourself what sounds appealing and what doesn’t. So, let’s dive into these different types of keto pills.

Exogenous Ketone Supplements

Some people believe that keto pills like this form can help maintain ketosis when you’re failing with your diet. Because, we all know how hard the Ketogenic Diet is. And, keto pills like this form were created to help you maintain ketosis when you slip up with the diet. Again, here on this site, we look at each supplement as its own thing. So, we’ll evaluate if each supplement works in our reviews. But, for now, let’s talk about what Exogenous Ketone Supplements are. And, if they’re a good choice for keto pills.

These keto pills are supposed to supply ketones to your body when you can’t be perfect with your keto diet. The jury is still out on whether any keto diet pill works in this way. And, we’ll evaluate each of them as they come in. But, basically, this form of ketone supplement just means it’s supposed to be an instant supply of ketones. So, there’s nothing fancy about these supplements, and most keto pills are Exogenous. Exogenous ketone bodies mean you’re ingesting ketone bodies through a supplement. Now, onto the actual different types of exogenous keto pills.

Ketone Salt Supplements

First, there’s ketone salt pills. These are basically when the formula is ketones bound to salt. And, some companies bind them to different salts like sodium, calcium, potassium, or magnesium. Because, that’s apparently supposed to help your body absorb the ketones better. You can see this formula labeled “BHB Mineral Salts,” as well as “Ketone Mineral Salts.” This is the type of supplement you’re going to find most often when it comes to keto pills. Pretty much all the formulas on the market for keto pills involve salts.

Ketone Ester Supplements

Next on the keto pills list, we have Ketone Esters. This apparently means you’re taking the raw BHB Ketone itself. That means you wouldn’t have salts or other compounds bound to it. Some believe just taking the ester helps your body use the ketones more quickly. However, there aren’t a ton of formulas out there that use ketone esters.

In fact, the majority of the time, you’ll see an ester in a study. But, you won’t see it as a product available to consumers. Also, according to some reports, esters apparently taste terrible. And, they can cause some discomfort in your gut. So, these might not be your number one choice. However, you could always swallow the pill with water to avoid the taste. Either way, this is just one keto pills option.

Ketone Oil Supplements / MCT Oil Powder

Some ways to use ketones include through oil. However, this supposedly isn’t a direct path to ingesting the ketones. Some products will be labeled as ketone oil supplements. But, usually, oil products need to be broken down by your body first. Whereas, with esters and salt supplements, your body can apparently use the ketones right away. So, this might not be something you want if you want your body to use the ketones right away. Plus, oils come with way more calories, so you have to take that into account if you choose a Ketone Oil Supplement or MCT Oil Powder instead of regular keto pills.

Raspberry Ketones

The overall body of research on ketones and ketone supplements don’t count Raspberry Ketones as actual keto pills. Raspberry Ketones are supposedly from actual raspberries. They’re supposed to be the thing that gives raspberries their smell. You can also find this certain type of “ketone” in blackberries, cranberries, and ketones. This flavor agent is often used in cosmetics, soft drinks, ice cream, and other processed foods. But, what does all of this have to do with weight loss?

Most of these raspberry ketone supplements don’t use real raspberries to get them into the pills. Because, you’d need a ton of raspberries to get enough ketones out for a supplement. So, the ones in the supplement are synthetically made to act like the natural ketones found in raspberries. That’s one drawback of these types of formulas. The other drawback? They’re not real ketones.

In other words, it has nothing to do with the ketosis process we’ve talked so much about. And, it can’t trigger a low-carb effect in your body, either. So, if you’re seeing something about a raspberry ketone supplement and wondering if it falls into the keto pills category, it doesn’t. Taking a product with raspberry ketones in it won’t actually help your body with its ketone levels or ketosis processes.

 In fact, we all eat a small number of raspberry ketones in our diet already since it’s a popular flavor additive. And, you don’t see people benefitting from that in terms of weight loss. So, if you’re looking for keto pills, raspberry ketones are not in that category.

Bottom Line On Keto Pills

Basically, just because a label says ketone pills on it, doesn’t mean it’s actually a good keto pills option. Especially if you’re seeing it labeled as a keto pill that comes from a fruit like raspberries. There will always be weight loss companies out there that try to claim to have ketones. But, many of them don’t actually contain ketones.

So, you just have to be careful and do your research on ketone supplements before snatching one up. Even oils like coconut oil will claim to be beneficial to a ketone diet. But, they won’t have actual ketones in them. So, as a consumer, just read up on any keto pills option you’re considering before buying it. That way, you’re not blindly buying something. Plus, that’s what our site hopes to help you out with. We’re going to talk about how we find keto pills, and how we review them below.

Why Did We Start The Keto Pills Site?

It all started with us being interested in keto pills in the first place. A few of us had seen things about the Ketogenic Diet, and keto pills soon followed. But, as we tried to figure out what the best product is for the keto pills on the market, we consistently couldn’t find which ones were good, or which were just the product of clever marketing.

So, when it comes down to it, we made the keto pills site because we saw a gap in the market. And, we wanted to bring you more information while finding out more for ourselves. It all started with interest in losing weight with keto pills.

Let’s face it, the information out there on keto pills can be confusing. And, many people are interested in this trend already. So, we started this keto pills site to help consumers like you figure out what works and what might not.

We know how frustrating it is to buy something and have it not work. But, we also know how hard it can be to find honest, true reviews on products like keto pills. Because, many companies out there will straight up lie to you. So, our keto pills site is here to make it easier to find something for your routine. And, we hope you learn a little something along the way, as well.

How Do We Make Money?

We just started this keto pills site, so at this time, this is our policy. As this site picks up, we might update or change this policy at any time. As for now, we aren’t going to be bombarding you with ads to buy different products. We hate going to a site and being hit with an ad to buy something right away. So, we aren’t going to follow that style with our keto pills site. And, we aren’t going to send you spam emails, either. So, if you start seeing keto pills spam emails in your inbox, that isn’t us.

We also aren’t going to engaged in selling your information online. There are many websites, even huge ones you use every day, that take your information and sell it for a profit. Look, not to knock those sites, but we don’t think that’s cool. So, on our keto pills site, we’re not going to do that.

And, we also currently do not have an email list. We might in the future, but for now, there isn’t one. If we do have a keto pills email list in the future, we’ll actually put the unsubscribe option in it, unlike many other companies.

So, how are we actually making money? We use affiliate links. This is a fairly common practice. Everyone from social media stars to celebrities use affiliate links. It’s essentially a link that brings you to a product. And, we make a small commission off your purchase on that site.

For some of those sites, you can engage in a trial option, or buy the product straight away. Our word of warning is to always read the Terms and Conditions on a site. That goes for anything you click on here, and anything you click on while using the internet, period.

How Does The Keto Pills Site Choose Products?

When we’re reviewing products, we obviously can’t review all the keto pills on the market. We really wish we could, but we don’t have the manpower for that. Generally, we’ll be reviewing keto pills that are popular, getting a lot of hype, or that we see around the internet.

We usually can guess that if we’re seeing ads for a certain keto pills brand, other people like you might be seeing them, too. And, then we write a review to help you figure out if those keto pills are the ones for you.

To be clear, many of the supplements we choose to review on the keto pills site include products that aren’t that great. Because, we’re not looking to mislead you. And, there are a lot of keto pills out there that just aren’t going to make the cut.

We’re looking for products that have some evidence that they work. We don’t want to tell you a certain keto pills brand works without seeing evidence for it.  So, we aren’t afraid to call keto pills brands out that aren’t living up to our standards.

Basically, we like keto pills that have been reviewed or studied, and that have real evidence behind them. And, since there are so many weight loss supplements on the market, many of these keto pills we feature won’t be studied yet. And, that means we aren’t going to recommend them to you. Without evidence, we can’t say something works or doesn’t work. You get what we’re saying, I’m sure. We’re trying to find keto pills that we actually want to recommend to you.

That all being said, if you see a certain keto pills brand out there that you don’t see a review on, let us know! We’re always willing to look into a product for you. We made this site for people like you who are trying to find keto pills they like. And, since we know how frustrating it is to do this alone, we want to help you out in any way possible.

So, if you do see some keto pills out there without a solid review on them, and you want one from us, tell us! We’re more than happy to help you out in that regard. Because, our main job is keto pills reviews, anyway.

Which Keto Pills Formula Is For Me?

So, if you’re looking through our site feeling utterly lost about what to choose, we don’t blame you. There are seemingly an endless number of keto pills on the market. We have our preferences, which you can probably find pretty easily on any product review on this site. But, what it all comes down to is you. For some of these products, you might just need to try out a formula that interests you.

Because, you never know what keto pills will work for you unless you try some. And, we do our best to recommend keto pills we think you’ll actually like. But, it comes down to you and your preferences. You may have to try out some formulas and do some trial and error to figure out what you like.

But, you should talk to your doctor before taking any new keto pills formula. And, definitely before changing your eating habits to the Ketogenic Diet, if you choose to do that. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to changing up your routine. So, tell your doctor what keto pills you’re trying.

Keto Pills: In Summary

To wrap this up, we just want to say, if a keto pills formula seems too good to be true, it probably is. For example, if you’re seeing a supplement only that only costs $5, look into it a bit more before blindly buying it. Because, most keto pills aren’t actually going to be that cheap. And, they’re will be a catch.

All in all, we want to help you find the keto pills you’re looking for. And, that’s why we made this site to begin with. But, if this article didn’t answer your questions, feel free to hit us up. You can contact us and ask us anything, since our job is to help you out. Thanks for visiting the keto pills site! We hope you find what you’re looking for in our site.

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