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We spend so much time talking about what you should do when you’re either on the keto diet or trying to achieve ketosis. Today, we’re going to go a different route and spend a little time talking about foods you should absolutely avoid when you want to have a successful keto diet. These are the Worst Foods for Keto. We’re going to provide a pretty comprehensive list of foods you should avoid like the plague if you want to stay in ketosis and keep trimming excess fat.

Worst Foods For Keto – Keto Basics

Just in case this is the first keto article you’re reading, we’ll give you the basics of what keto is and how it works. If you already know, go ahead and skip this section. Keto is short for ketogenic. It’s a high-fat, low-carb diet that is designed to get your body into a state of ketosis. That’s when you’re burning stored fat for energy. It’s one of the hottest diets of the last decade, but unlike a lot of diets, this one requires a certain degree of maintenance, and that’s why we’re making this list. Foods that appear on our Worst Foods for Keto list should be avoided at all costs. If you want your diet to be as effective as possible, never eat these foods.

Worst Foods For Keto – The Worst of the Worst

  • Doughnuts – They are keto death. They’re loaded with sugar, carbs, artificial sweeteners and they provide nothing for your diet. Everything about them is harmful or useless to your body. Sure, they’re delicious, but avoid them at all costs if you’d like to stay in ketosis.
  • Artificially Sweetened Drinks – This includes the obvious ones like sodas and sports drinks, but there are also ones that you may not think of. Drinks like soy and almond milk contain artificial sweeteners to make them more palatable. Make sure you check the list of ingredients before you purchase one
  • Grains – This one is kind of a no-brainer. Being a low-carb diet, these are to be avoided. Things like Pasta, bread, muffins, bagels, grits, and corn should all be left at the grocery store, or at the very least, eaten in moderation.
  • Processed Foods – Not only are processed foods bad for keto, they should kind of be avoided for all diets. They’re just not great for you. They contain artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that could be detrimental to your diet.
  • Most Alcoholic Drinks – As a whole, beer, wine, and hard liquors are bad for keto. Beer contains grain. Wine contains sugar, and most hard liquors contain either grain or sugar. Some are worse for keto than others, but try to avoid drinking while maintaining ketosis.
  • Fruit Juice – Once again, these should be avoided no matter what your diet is. Fruit juice is more sugar than anything else. It’s fine to eat fruit since actual fruit contains the fiber your body needs to process the sugar, but when that same fruit is turned into juice, the sugar stays, but the fiber is gone.

Worst Foods for Keto | Final Thoughts

We want you to be successful and see the results you’re hoping for from the keto diet. It’s easy to get a list of all the foods you should eat, but it’s just as important to know what you should be avoiding. The list of the Worst Foods for Keto is a good place to start if you’re just beginning your keto journey. Make sure you keep reading up on the subject though. You can check out our Keto Pills Mega Guide for more info. We also recommend our Keto Daily Plan guide!

Thanks for reading! Good luck with your keto life!

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