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One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard about the keto diet, is that pretty much everything sweet has to be cut from your diet. That’s because most sweet things are sweet because they contain sugar, and where you find sugar, you typically find carbs. Good thing the keto hive mind came up with a way to add a little sweetness to your life while still keeping things keto. It’s called keto fluff. What is Keto Fluff? Good question. Some dieters eat it plain, and some put it on top of other foods or do mixing. We’ll explain everything in our guide to What is Keto Fluff!

People have noticed a lot of great results with keto, but all diets are frustrating. Keto fluff is a way to make things a little more pleasant. It’s a dessert like cream that, while it has some sugar in it, is designed to be extremely low-carb. In our What is Keto Fluff guide, we’ll tell you how to make it and what people are doing with it!

What is Keto Fluff | Ingredients

You’ll see from the list here that this dessert is very low carb. Yes, there is some sugar in it, but we’re not saying that you should eat it all the time. Still treat this like a dessert that you only eat in reasonable portions. Here’s what you’ll need to make keto fluff:

  • 16 oz Cream Cheese
  • 2 ½ tsp Vanilla Extract
  • ½ cup of Confectioner Sugar
  • Small Amount of Salt to Taste
  • 1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream

What is Keto Fluff | Instructions

  1. Mix together the cream cheese, vanilla extract, salt, and sugar until the mixture is well-blended
  2. With Mixer on high, slowly add heavy whipping cream.
  3. Continue mixing until the mixture becomes light and fluffy. Make sure you do not over-mix as it can turn into a sort of paste. Just keep your eye on it, and you’ll see when it’s ready.
  4. Portion out into small bowls and store in the fridge

What to do With Keto Fluff

Most people either add the keto fluff to things they’re already making, or they add things to the keto fluff itself. We suggest that you make it, try it, and decide what you want to do with it from there. A lot of people add fruit to the fluff for a sweet treat. It can also go on coffee.

One of the more popular things we’re seeing done with keto fluff is people adding flavors to it such as peanut butter. We’ve provided a basic recipe for you here, but feel free to experiment with it! Find a flavor that works for you and add it to whatever keto friendly snacks you’d like!

We’re dedicated to making sure you’ve got the best information possible for your keto diet! That’s why you may want to check out some of our other guides while you’re here. We recommend our Keto Ice Cream Brands or Best Functional Waters guides!

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