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If you’re here at KP looking at all the great keto diet weight loss supplements we review, you may be wondering What Does BHB Do? Because BHB is a main active ingredient in many of the keto pills we review here. So what is it? BHB stands for Beta-hydroxybutyrate. This is an “exogenous ketone.” Which means that it is a supplemental ketone. Why does this matter? It’s just that exogenous can be compared to erogenous. Erogenous ketones are ones your body produces naturally. And exogenous ones like BHB in keto pills are ones you can take as a supplement. But What Does BHB Do?

Exogenous Ketones: Introduction

What Does BHB Do is a good question. Because it’s important to understand how ingredients in diet pills work. And keto pills often contain BHB or “keto salts” which is basically the same thing. We have already compared the erogenous ketones your body produces on its own through your liver to exogenous ketones you take in the form of keto pills. But BHB can be produced naturally from the ketone body acetoacetate in your liver.

What Does BHB Do?

The answer to the question What BHB Does is both straightforward and confusing. That’s because BHB works a bit differently when you take it in a supplement and when your body produces BHB naturally. So, how does your body produce it naturally? And What Does BHB Do when that happens? Well, this is the more straight forward answer. Because BHB and other erogenous ketones are made naturally in your liver when you do the keto diet.

Erogenous Ketones And The Keto Diet

What do BHB ketones do when you’re on the keto diet? When you do the keto diet, if you do it correctly and its most extreme form to get into the metabolic state called ketosis, your body produces ketones naturally. What does this process look like? Here’s the breakdown:

  • You Limit Carbs – To a measly 5-10 grams a day. This is no more than an apple or two worth of carbs. This is very low. Calling it a low carb diet is an understatement. A true keto diet should be thought of more as a low-to-almost-no carb diet.
  • Your Body Produces Ketones – When you’ve limited your carb intake this much, within days or a week or so, your body will start to produce ketones. Why? Because it no longer has glucose from carbs to use for energy. So your body makes a switch. And ketones are what your body needs to use fat as energy in this way.
  • You Get Into Ketosis – In this metabolic state, your body is producing its own erogenous ketones (like BHB) which facilitate the burning of fat and using fat for energy.

Keto Pills And BHB

So, if this is what BHB does on the keto diet with your naturally occuring erogenous ketones, what does it do in keto pills with exogenous BHB ketones? Well, these ketones are ones you take in a pill. Like the ones you find here at KP. And, while this form of BHB isn’t going to be as effective as your naturally occuring ones that your liver produces, you can get similar benefits. For instance, people will take keto pills with BHB for the following reasons:

  1. Increased Energy
  2. Reducing Cravings
  3. Get Into Ketosis Easier
  4. Curb Symptoms Of “Carb Flu”
  5. Mental Clarity

What BHB Does | The Bottom Line

It’s clearer how BHB and other ketones work when you go on the keto diet and get into ketosis. It’s less clear how they work in supplements and IF they work. Some people find them helpful while others don’t. So we’re all different in this way. So what do exogenous ketones do for individuals when they take keto pills? Some people find it helpful for the reasons list above. Try a keto pill today and see if you get these benefits as well!

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