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Weight Changes On Keto: What To Expect

If you’re visiting this page, congratulations! You’re probably one of the countless people who has discovered the HUGE wellness potential of the keto diet! But before you start keto, there are some things you should know! Learning more can help you understand the processes your body is undergoing while on the keto diet. One thing that confuses lots of keto newbies is seeing weight fluctuation on keto. But this is normal! We’re here to help you understand what to expect, what’s causing it, and how you can minimize the stress on your body and maximize your results!

Weight fluctuation on keto can be alarming for some people. After all…when we see the number on the scale go UP during our diet, that’s usually not a good sign! The keto diet is known for controlling hunger and boosting mood! But it’s hard to be in a good mood when we feel like our diet is failing even though we’re doing everything right! But the #1 thing you need to know is that this is NORMAL and does not mean your keto diet is failing! If you’re cheating on your keto diet, that could be another story! But there are plenty of reasons people see their weight fluctuate on keto that have NOTHING to do with them doing something wrong!

Will I See Weight Fluctuation On Keto?

The short answer: maybe. We know, that’s not that helpful. But to be honest, everyone’s body is different. And therefore everyone’s body will react to keto differently! Some people suffer from a terrible keto flu for the first week, while other people don’t experience this at all! Likewise, some people will experience weight fluctuation on keto and some people won’t. But knowing what’s causing it and what you can do to help will help you meet your body goals regardless!

What Causes Weight Fluctuation On Keto?

There are a few different things that could cause weight fluctuations on keto diets. Here are a few of the MOST COMMON reasons:

  • Storing Water| If you’ve noticed weight fluctuation on keto, it could be because your body is storing more water than usual for some reason. Even a standard-sized glass of water weighs around a half pound, so if you’re holding water weight it can DEFINITELY show up on the scale! Give it some time and you should drop that water weight naturally.
  • Constipation| When you change your diet, especially to one that’s higher in fats and proteins and lower in fiber, you might experience constipation. There are plenty of natural remedies for constipation, so this is one of the easiest causes of weight fluctuation on keto to solve!
  • Weighing Right After Meals| This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people do this and don’t realize! Weighing yourself right after a meal can really punch a hole in your confidence when the scale makes it look like you’ve GAINED WEIGHT! But you’re really hardly experiencing weight fluctuation on keto. Don’t worry. It’s just your meal hanging out and being digested. It will be…eliminated…in time!
  • You’ve Gained Muscle| The number on the scale is NOT the be all, end all of fitness! Your weight might be going up because you’re gaining muscle! It’s generally better to go by how you LOOK and FEEL rather than an arbitrary number on a scale! Or, if you want a more tangible way to track your progress, you can track your measurements like waistline, thighs, and hips! That will tell you more than a simple number ever could! And that’s one of the best ways to keep from stressing about weight fluctuation on keto.
  • The “Whoosh” Effect| If you’ve noticed sudden drastic weight LOSS on keto, you’re not alone! After all, that’s what keto is known for! But if you’ve experienced a sudden drop on the scale you can’t explain, it could be what’s known as the whoosh effect. Weight fluctuation on keto isn’t limited to gaining a few pounds suddenly here and there. This is when our body stores water with fat. Then our body burns the fat, but holds onto the water. Until we lose all that water weight at once! As always, if you’re concerned about the sudden weight loss you SHOULD talk to your doctor. But know that it could simply be the whoosh effect at play!

Now you know what’s causing your weight fluctuations on keto AND what to do about it! Did we miss any of your favorite tips? Do you have more questions about how to control weight changes on keto? Leave them below!

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