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Everyone needs a little support when it comes to their diet. One of the best support devices is already right in your pocket! Your phone can used as a support system. The right app can keep you on track and focused toward your goal. That’s why today, we’re going to tell you about the Top 5 Keto Diet Apps! Not only can the apps keep you on track, they can hold you accountable through carb trackers. If you’re worried about how you’re handling your diet, or even if you just want a support network, you may want to download the Top 5 Keto Diet Apps right now!

How Can an App Help Keto Dieters?

Technology is amazing. Not only can it do things like count calories, or in the case of keto apps, carbs, they can also keep track of exercise. One of the most amazing things about apps is their ability to connect us to each other. If you’re having a problem with your keto diet, the odds are someone else has already had the issue, and they may have a solution.

With these apps, you can have access to the entire world of keto diet knowledge. If you want to have every possible advantage for weight loss, you need at least one of these!

Top 5 Keto Diet Apps

  1. Senza – Our favorite thing about this app is that it provides an easy road map for early keto dieters. They have an easy 5-day starter guide. It can calculate your macros. They have a keto-focused nutritionist that are more than happy to offer advice and food recommendations! Oh, and get this – IT’S FREE!
  2. KetoDiet – This app starts out at about $4, but it’s worth it. It can track macros and weight. The best part of this app is all the recipes! There are literally hundreds of them! With their food catalogue, it’s easy to pick what you want at the grocery store and make your own meals!
  3. Carb Manager – If you’re just worried about how many carbs you’re taking in, this is the app for you! They have a library of over a million foods and how many carbs they contain. It’s a touch pricey for the premium services – $39.99/year – but if you want to make sure you know how many carbs you’re taking in, it’s worth it.
  4. FatSecret – To be fair, this app isn’t necessarily keto specific, but it is a great dieting companion. It can track your macros and exercise. It provides helpful data about your eating and exercise habits that can help you identify bad behavior.
  5. Total Keto Diet – This app can do most of the things the others can, but it has a unique feature that earned it a spot on this list. You can add things to your grocery list, and the app will tell you if you’re not buying keto friendly!

Top 5 Keto Diet Apps | Final Thoughts

Picking which of these apps to download is up to you. It all depends on what part of your diet you need the most support with. Most of the apps have a community board where you can get support from other dieters. With the Top 5 Keto Diet Apps on your side, your diet may work better for you than it ever has before!

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