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Bring Your Style To The Gym With 2019 Sportswear Trends!

You know the drill. Your alarm clock goes off TOO EARLY. You hit snooze a few times before rolling out of bed, eyes half open. You throw a ragged, stained t-shirt over a sports bra, leave on your pajama pants, sweep your hair into a ponytail. And you head to the gym. Everything is FINE until you see the woman on the treadmill next to you. She’s dressed for the gym. She’s clearly ready to workout. But she also looks GREAT while doing it! Maybe you’d take a #gymselfie or two if you looked like HER when you went to the gym! Now you can! Because we’re bringing you the top sportswear trends 2019! We’ll give you the lowdown on what EVERYONE is looking to wear to the gym this year. So you can look cute while you get healthy!

Sportswear Trends 2019: Brand It!

One of the biggest sportswear trends 2019 is brand names and logos. While it may have been considered tacky to don oversized logos a few years ago, it’s all the rage now. Gym-goers are repping their loyalty to brands from Nikes to Adidas…we’ve even seen a recent revival of Champion among people who were DEFINITELY too young to remember the first time this craze happened! Brands are launching all kinds of designs emblazoned with larger-than-life versions of their logos. And if you want to look EXTRA trendy, go for a matching set!

The 80’s Are Back At The Gym!

The 80’s are back in a big way in the fitness world! One of the top sportswear trends 2019 is all things 80’s. From bike shorts to neons, we can’t help but want to rock a perm and a scrunchie! But the trend isn’t taking it that far. Bike shorts in a neon color are a great way to embrace this 2019 sportswear trend. Or, if you’re feeling bold, you could even go for a hi-cut with some athletic shorts. For those looking for a more subtle way to relive the 80’s, opt for an accessory like a metallic scrunchie or some fun neon athletic socks!

Leggings With COVERAGE

Say goodbye to the days of see-through leggings! One of our FAVORITE sportswear trends 2019 is leggings that DO MORE. Leggings have been a workout staple since FOREVER, but in the past they were often see-through, not breathable, and totally without pockets. In 2019, we’ve seen all kinds of fitness brands release leggings with pockets, more breathable wicking fabrics, and better quality manufacturing. So now you won’t have to worry about flashing your laundry day undies to anyone behind you in downward dog.

Sportswear Trends 2019: Wild Prints

The only thing trendier than the mood-boosting keto diet in 2019 is WILD PRINTS for your workout wear! If you work an office job, use the gym as an opportunity to take more risks with your fashion than usual! Because loud prints are one of the major sportswear trends of 2019, you’ll find a wide array of animal prints, geographic prints, and even large scale photo prints to experiment with! We love a good pair of leopard print leggings! Or try pairing a galaxy print sports bra with a more basic pair of leggings! You can make any of these sportswear trends 2019 work for YOUR style with a little creativity!

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