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There’s a new buzz in town. It’s about something called Lecithin. Heard of it? Even if you haven’t that’s okay. We’re going to explain it to you. There are people using Lecithin For Weight Loss. Supplements containing it are growing in popularity within the keto community to help shed those extra pounds. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at lecithin, what it is, what it may be able to do for you, and how to use it. By the end of this article, you should be better informed about whether or not you want to add it to your dieting routine.

Lecithin For Weight Loss – What is Lecithin?

Lecithin is a fat molecule. You’ve been ingesting it naturally for a long time without even knowing it. It was first isolated from an egg yolk, so if you’ve ever eaten an egg, you’ve consumed this molecule. This particular molecule is an emulsifier which mean sit breaks down and disperses fat. That’s probably why people think they can lose weight with it. Theoretically, it can help shake those love handles loose so you can burn them off. Those are the basics behind Lecithin. To read more in-depth analysis of this molecule on health, click here.

Lecithin Side Effects

  • Upset Stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Allergic Reactions – This one takes some explaining. Many lecithin supplements are made from soy extract. If you’re allergic to soy, either steer clear of the supplement or find a non-soy based option.

Lecithin Benefits

If you’re skittish about taking supplements of BHB to boost your keto diet, this might be a viable alternative. There are a lot of people out there that swear by lecithin for their weight loss. Since it’s a fat molecule, it fits perfectly in the keto box, and it might be perfect for you. There are also a number of ongoing studies analyzing the effect lecithin has on Alzheimer’s disease.

How To Use Lecithin For Weight Loss

The easiest answer is to just start taking a supplement. It comes in pill or powder form. However, if supplements aren’t for you, lecithin can be found naturally in some foods. Just add more of them to your diet. Eggs and cabbage are two large sources of the molecule. Be careful how much of it you’re ingesting though. An excessive amount of intake can lead to those nasty side effects we mentioned above.

Lecithin For Weight Loss Summary

In the world of weight loss, there’s always a new and better supplement. In the case of lecithin, it’s simply another option. Keto alone has been a very effective weight loss solution for a lot of people, but if you think you need an extra push, lecithin is around, and we’re sure it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If BHB isn’t for you, you were just given another alternative.

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