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Ketogenic diet pills are becoming very popular. People want fast ways to lose weight, and a ketogenic diet provides this possibility. But it takes discipline and determination to fully commit and execute keto properly, especially for weight loss. This is because, for a ketogenic diet to work for weight loss, a person must get into a state called “ketosis” – and stay there.

Ketogenic Diet Pills: What Are They?

Ketosis is when your body stops using glucose from carbs for energy and switches to what are called “ketones.” Ketones are generated in the liver and work to burn fat instead of glucose. The body will naturally reach for glucose from carbohydrates to burn fuel. But when the body doesn’t have glucose to burn, it will produce ketones and switch to burning fat. This is appealing for many people – especially since the keto diet is, ironically, a high fat diet! All the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle can be achieved with dietary alterations. So why Ketogenic Diet Pills?

Ketogenic Diet Pills: Why Take Them?

So, why take Ketogenic Diet Pills? The extra ketones from Ketogenic Pills may help people get over the “hump” of switching from the body burning glucose to burning fat. This is because, when you start going keto, your body won’t switch immediately to producing ketones for burning fat. Instead, your body will feel starved for glucose and you will be low energy and may even experience “keto flu” AKA “carb flu.”

Ketogenic Diet Pills can help alleviate the symptoms of this “flu” and ease the transition from burning glucose to ketones burning fat by providing you with supplemental ketones even before your body starts to produce them naturally. These supplemental ketones from Ketogenic Diet Pills may help your energy remain level while you transition so you don’t experience carb flu and don’t falter in your nutritional goals. These pills are also reported to help people get into ketosis without a full ketogenic nutrition plan in place.

Ketogenic Diet Pills: Do They Work?

Studies have shown that oral ketone supplementation can induce ketosis even without dietary restrictions. This means that even if you don’t go “full keto,” taking Ketogenic Diet Pills may give you the benefits of a keto diet anyway. That is, you’ll still be able to eat carbs and get into ketosis with the help of a ketone supplement. There are caveats to this theory, however. Even if you take Ketogenic Diet Pills (and even if they work), they aren’t magic pills that will get you into a ketogenic state no matter what.

For instance, you will not be able to binge on tons of carbs. You may be able to get into ketosis with Ketogenic Diet Pills while including reasonable portions of healthy, unrefined carbs (like fruit or whole grains). It is less likely that Keto Pills will work for you if you consume excessive amounts of carbs, particularly refined carbs like sugar, white flour, rice, etc. So keep all this in mind before you try Ketogenic Diet Pills.

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