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You may have noticed if you’ve been poking around here at KP that there’s a lot of opinions on the keto diet, how to do it, if it works, if it’s safe, and on and on. It’s a debate, to be sure. And the consensus typically is that the keto diet can work differently for everyone. And people with diet restrictions and preferences can find ways to do this diet – a version of it – that makes THEM feel good and helps THEM meet their goals! Even without the most trendy and strict form of keto out there. In this article, we’ll be exploring the version of keto called the Keto Mediterranean Diet. Maybe you’d like to try it!

What can be said about the Keto Mediterranean Diet? Well, you may have heard of a Mediterranean Diet before. The foods that people typically eat on this kind of diet come from that region of the world around Spain, Greece, and other country on the Mediterranean Sea. Because this region is all based around a Sea, the Keto Mediterranean Diet includes, to no one’s surprise, plenty of fish and seafood. But there are other staples to this diet as well. So let’s get started and explore what you can eat on a version of keto with the Keto Mediterranean Diet!

Keto Mediterranean Diet: Introduction

There’s nothing to fancy about the Keto Mediterranean Diet. It basically just means you’re doing the keto diet but you’re also honoring the food traditions of the Mediterranean. These food traditions have long been celebrated for their consistent use of locally grown, seasonal, whole produce, plenty of fresh fish, and locally sourced meats. Olive oil is of course a staple. And doctors will often cite this diet as extremely good for cardiovascular health. You could get these benefits too on a Keto Mediterranean Diet!

The Keto Mediterranean Diet | Food Staples:

  1. Fresh Fish / Seafood
  2. Eggs & Animal Fat (Lard Or Duck Fat)
  3. Organic Meats
  4. Olive Oil / Butter
  5. Local, Seasonal Produce
  6. Diary Products
  7. Seeds & Nuts

Why Should Try Keto Mediterranean Eating?

A Keto Mediterranean Diet may be appealing to you if:

  • You Are A Pescatarian (No Meat; Yes Fish)
  • You’re Wanting Heart Health From Your Diet
  • You Like Diets That Emphasize Whole Foods
  • You’re Bored With Other Versions Of Keto
  • You Like The Easy Going Mediterranean Mindset

Keto Mediterranean Eating | Final Thoughts

What’s the final word on the Keto Mediterranean Diet? Well, if the list of groceries above looks good to you, why not give it a try? This kind of eating is lauded for cardiovascular health. So we definitely recommend it to any keto dieters that also want to be considering their heart health! Also, if the Mediterranean lifestyle just appeals to you and, even though you live far away, you want to feel connected to these wonderful cultures and food traditions, that could be yet another draw. Feel free to check out the many other articles we have here at KP for learning more about this diet and the supplements you can take to make things easier on yourself!

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