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Are you trying to stick to a keto diet, but you can’t seem to get away from that candy? Boy, do we get it! We’re here to help you with that a little bit. We’ve got some tips on how you can continue to get that candy fix but stick to that diet of yours. We’re going to focus on Keto Gummies today. So, we’ve found some that fit into your diet, and then we’ve found some that can not only fit in your diet but help with your diet! So, let’s get that sugar fix fixed!

Why Keto Gummies?

If you’re trying to stick to that keto diet, we know how tricky it can be. Having Keto Gummies easily accessible, and that fit in your plan could really help you curb that sugar craving. Whatever your reason for craving sugar might be—maybe you haven’t eaten enough of the right things yet—you’ve got to get a little fix before your whole diet goes out the window. That’s why we’ve found some of the Best Keto Gummies we can for you.

Not only have we found some Keto Gummie Reviews that we’ll share the recipes of, but we’ve also found some Keto Gummy Supplements that could help your diet. Hopefully you can find something in this article that will help you curb that craving and help you proceed with your diet successfully!

Keto Gummies | The Goods

We’ll just jump right in with a Keto Gummy that will help you stick to your keto diet. The Beyond Raw Lit Gummy Worm has the right nutrients in it to keep you in ketosis, but still enjoy something yummy. We think this could be a good addition to your workout routine as well because it is made for pre-workout energy. So, you could get your sweet fix, and a bit of extra energy with these Keto Gummies! Of course, there are plenty more Keto Gummies online for you, but this is the one that we think we like best! But, we want to tell you how you can make them yourself too!

Keto Gummies | Recipes

We’ve found two Keto Gummies recipes that we think you’ll enjoy making. It’s always fun to know exactly what is in the thing you’re eating. So, here are a few Keto Gummy recipes for you:

Keto Low Carb Gummy Bears:

  • 3 oz sugar free Jello
  • 25 oz unflavored gelatin
  • ¼ cup water

In a small saucepan put the water, gelatin and Jello on low heat. Heat it until the crystals are dissolved. Remove from the heat and fill either a container, or mold with the mixture. Put the container or mold in the fridge for about half an hour. Then either cut them out of the container or pop them out of the mold and enjoy!

Homemade Gummy Candy (Sugar Free):

  • ½ Cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice
  • 3 Tbsp grass-fed gelatin
  • Liquid stevia (to taste)

In a small sauce pan whisk all the ingredients over low heat. Mixture should become an “applesauce” like texture and start to liquify. From there you can pour your mixture into molds, or like above, a container. Allow to set, setting them in the freezer takes about 10-15 minutes. These will last about two weeks in an airtight container. Enjoy!

Keto Gummies | Final Thoughts

We hope this article will not only help you curb your sugar cravings, but also help you on your journey! We know how hard it is to stick to keto. On top of these yummy Keto Gummies, we’ve linked some products on the side and underneath this article that we think you might like. Take a look at those as well! Also, check out some of our favorite keto foods to go with your new Keto Gummies! Enjoy your new snack!

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