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NEW Keto-Friendly Chipotle Bowls!

Keto dieters rejoice! Chipotle has just unveiled a new line of health-conscious bowls in time for the new years resolutions, including a Keto Friendly Chipotle bowl! The line includes a Paleo Salad Bowl, Keto Salad Bowl, Whole30 Salad Bowl, and Double Protein Bowl. Obviously, we’re pretty excited about the Keto Salad Bowl. Chipotle has always been a fairly keto friendly restaurant, but this bowl takes keto friendly Chipotle to a new and even simpler level! We love how eating keto keeps our cravings at bay and gives us energy! But it can make going out to eat difficult. Not at Chipotle!

The Keto Salad Bowl is made with romaine lettuce, carnitas, red salsa, cheese, and guacamole. This moderate/high protein/fat bowl ensures you’re getting the perfect ratios for your keto diet. No more guess work involved. We love to see more restaurants jumping on board with healthy eating! Gone are the days where going on a diet meant the end of going out! We love this new keto friendly Chipotle option, and we think you will, too!

Other Keto Friendly Chipotle Options

Thankfully, the Keto Salad Bowl isn’t the only keto friendly Chipotle option on the menu. Even before this bowl was introduced, Chipotle was one of few fast food restaurants where you could put together a keto friendly meal. The first rule of thumb is to order a salad bowl. Beans, rice, and tortillas are all out of the question, so stick to a salad bowl with a base of romaine. For meat, your best options are going to be Steak, Chicken, or Carnitas, all with 0g Net Carbs. Feel free to double your meat portion if you want to up your proteins and fats!

For veggies, stick to Romaine (1g Net Carbs) or treat yourself to some Fajita Peppers (4g Net Carbs). When it comes to dairy, cheese is your best bet with 1g net carbs, but Sour Cream only has 2g net carbs, and does add some more fat to your salad bowl! Guacamole is by far the best topping with less carbs and more fat than the salsa options.

Not-So Keto Friendly Chipotle

Even though we love all the keto friendly Chipotle options available on their menu, not all Chipotle items are created equally in the eyes of keto! There are some hidden carbohydrate bombs on the menu. Here’s a few to look out for:

  • Rice| It doesn’t matter much whether you opt for brown or white rice. Either way you’re getting tons of carbs. White Rice has about 39g net carbs per serving, while Brown Rice clocks in at 34g.
  • Burrito Wrap| The tortilla used to wrap your burrito has the potential to seriously throw your keto diet. Each one contains about 47g net carbs!!
  • Tortilla Chips| Thought this side was pretty harmless? Think again. Mindlessly shoving back tortilla chips with your order could set you back 65g net carbs.
  • Black Beans| These tasty legumes may be a good source of protein, but they’ve also got 15g net carbs. You’re better off opting for a double portion of meat.
  • Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa| Who’d have thought corn salsa could sabotage your weight loss? With 13g net carbs, you’re better off picking any of the other salsa or guacamole options.

Hopefully we’ve helped you find some keto friendly Chipotle items you’ll love! You can also check out our keto Macro calculator if you’re not sure! We want to make it easier to enjoy the foods you love while still maintaining a keto diet!

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