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Keto Donut Recipe

When you are trying to lose weight with keto while removing the things you love, it can be difficult. Which is why we are trying to help you get to a healthy weight while still splurging on some of your favorite things. All without breaking your keto diet. With this Chocolate Keto Donut Recipe, you could keep on track with your diet while also hitting your sweet spot! Keep reading to figure out how to make these tasty treats and more!

Keto Donut Recipe Ingredients

The key to getting your Keto Donut Recipe right is substituting all of the carbs with keto-friendly items. Here is a list of the ingredients you could use in your Keto Donuts Recipe:

  • Unsweetened Chocolate (Melted)
  • Almond Flour
  • Zero Calorie Sweetener
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Baking Powder
  • Heavy Cream
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Eggs
  • Stevia

Some people prefer Keto Yeast Donuts, but these ones will work in a jiffy!

Keto Donut Recipe Instructions

First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. The next part of the Keto Donut Recipe process is combining the ingredients. In a large bowl, add one cup of almond flour. Otherwise, you can mix things up and use Keto Donut Recipe Coconut Flour in your mix! Either way, your donuts should come out pretty tasty. Mix three tablespoons of chocolate, butter, and cocoa powder into the bowl. Use one third of a cup of powdered sweetener (you can find a lot on Amazon). Mix in four tablespoons of heavy cream. Finally, add four eggs, and one tablespoon each of vanilla and baking powder (if you want to add more vanilla, we won’t tell anyone). And that’s it for the mix! Grease a donut pan and proceed to pour your mix into it. Otherwise, you can try making Keto Donut Holes! Finally, you bake them for between thirteen and fifteen minutes. Now, onto the glaze.

The glaze for this Chocolate Keto Donut Recipe is the easiest part. While your donuts are baking, you could do the glaze! You simply mix 2.1 ounces of unsweetened chocolate with 8 drops of Stevia (you can find it on Amazon). Otherwise, you can use two tablespoons of the powdered sweetener that you use for the donuts themselves. Simply mix these two ingredients together by melting the chocolate and combining. You can melt the chocolate using a hot water bath by placing your bowl in boiling water. After the donuts are done and your glaze is mixed, dip your donuts in the chocolate one by one. Then, place your donuts in the fridge to cool them faster!

Keto Donut Recipe | Before You Go

We hope this Keto Donut Recipe helps! It can be a hassle trying to get that sweet fix when you can’t have carbs. And with this recipe, you won’t have to look for Keto Donuts For Sale in your area. You can simply make your own! If you want to try mixing up the recipe, you can try making Keto Blueberry Donuts by skipping the chocolate parts and adding blueberries. For the glaze, try mixing milk or creamer with the sweetener instead! Before you go, be sure to check out some of our top keto supplements for a boost in your keto diet. If you liked this article, be sure to share, send us a like, or write any comments you think are helpful! You can find more articles like this and more keto information by clicking and exploring near the top of this page! Enjoy your Keto Donut Recipe!

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