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Side Effects Of Keto Diet Plans: What You Need To Know

People all across the country are having fantastic weight loss results with the keto diet. They say they have more energy, more fat burn, and feel better than ever! If that sounds too good to be true, it’s because it PARTIALLY is. We’re definitely not saying you should throw out the idea of keto altogether! But there are some potential keto diet plan side effects that we think you should know about! Most of these are either temporary or have easy solutions, so don’t fret! Knowledge is power! And that’s why we want to arm you with all of our knowledge on keto diet plan side effects!

Keto Diet Plan Side Effects: Keto Flu

Probably the most prevalent of keto diet plan side effects is the dreaded keto flu. This usually comes on at the beginning of keto and goes away on its own within about a week. But it DOES feel a lot like the flu. Keto Flu symptoms can include:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Brain Fog
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache

Don’t be discouraged by these initial side effects (unless they are really affecting your quality of life, of course). Like we said, keto flu usually sorts itself out in no time. And looking past keto flu, people report LESS cravings and IMPROVED mood on the keto diet. So it could be worth that initial bout of keto flu. Try to power through it and treat your body like you would if you had a regular flu. Get your rest, and get plenty of fluids.

Keto Diet Plan Side Effects: Constipation

Another of the fairly common keto diet plan side effects is constipation. Now, we know this isn’t the most fun to talk about. But, it’s normal! Especially when you’ve just changed your diet. Our digestive system needs some time to adjust. And because you’ll likely be eating more fat and protein and less fiber on a keto diet, you might end up a little blocked up. But like most keto diet plan side effects, this CAN be easily solved! Here are a few ways to address constipation because of your keto diet:

  • Get Hydrated| Oftentimes constipation is a result of dehydration. Make sure you’re getting lots of water.
  • Eat Your Fiber| Eating lots of non-starchy vegetables is a good way to get your fiber without loading up on carbs so you can get things moving and grooving!

Keto Diet Plan Side Effects: Keto Breath

The last of the keto diet plan side effects we’ll talk about here is keto breath. Oftentimes, people say their breath begins to smell when they start the keto diet. This isn’t necessarily a bad smell, but many people describe it as sort of sweet or a bit rotten. Which is probably not how you want your breath to smell. But don’t despair! For many people, keto breath proves to be temporary. It’s simply the result of a ketone called acetone being released through your breath. But if it persists, it’s as simple as keeping up with your oral hygiene and using breath freshener or gum!

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