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So. You’ve decided to take the leap and get yourself on the keto diet. Ditching sugar? Check. Alcohol? Check. Caffeine? If you’re going to be hardcore about it, you’ll check off all these things. You’ve slashed and burned these items from your shopping list and your mind. You are determined to make keto work for YOU! The next thing you need to do is some Keto Diet Meal Prepping. Part of prepping is both planning your meals and prepping the ingredients so you never have a moment where you aren’t in control of your diet. So, what does Keto Diet Meal Prepping look like?

Keto Diet Meal Prepping: Meal Planning

The first thing you need to do for Keto Diet Meal Prepping is meal planning. You should have a list of ideas in your head so you know what you want to get at the store before you step foot inside! So think about the kinds of keto-friendly meals you’ll want to try and get those ingredients. Here are some examples of easy keto-friendly meals to prep for:

  • Slow Cooker Pot Roast With Roasted Vegetables
  • Steak Fajita Roll-Ups (Skip The Tortillas) – double up on the veg.
  • Meat And Veggie Sir Fry (Skip The Rice) – double up on the veg.
  • Poached Shrimp With Butter And Veg – Mashed cauliflower (instead of potatoes) or roasted asparagus would go wonderfully with this dish.
  • Various Vegetable And Meat Soups

As you can see, where carbs are typically used in these dishes, you simply double up on the veg to compensate for calories. And you end up getting more nutrition anyway!

Keto Diet Meal Prepping: Stocking Up

Besides getting ingredients for Keto Diet Meal Prepping, also try to stock up on keto-friendly foods that you may just want to snack on or otherwise just have on hand. Clear out everything in your fridge and pantry that isn’t keto friendly.

Keto Diet Meal Prepping: Prepping Ingredients

Once you have your keto pill plans in order and you have the ingredients you need for them, especially if you have a busy schedule, take time out of your week to prep the ingredients like chopping vegetables, portioning out and freezing certain ingredients, and otherwise organizing your kitchen so it’s a smooth keto-friendly atmosphere where you have both snacks and prepped ingredients for making keto-friendly meals throughout the week.

Keto Diet Meal Prepping: Avoiding Booby Traps

If you plan, stock up, and prep, you should cover all your bases and avoid booby traps. But we’ll share some of them with you in case you aren’t aware. When it comes to Keto Diet Meal Prepping, keep in mind:

  1. Hidden Carbs – Check nutrition facts to ensure you’re not going overboard with carbs. This is mostly applicable to processed food products.
  2. The Whole Food Rule – “Whole” foods are a good way to avoid hidden carbs.
  3. Sugar Substitutes – Have a sweet tooth? Find your favorite substitute. For many keto dieters, this is stevia.
  4. Fat Bomb Glory – Get familiar with fat bombs. These tasty snacks can help maintain your energy throughout the day as well as being a sinful treat that makes you feel like you’re not even dieting!
  5. Your Favorite Keto-Friendly Foods – Always keep your favorites on hand. Since this diet is so restrictive, it’s important you identify what your favorites are and incorporate them as staples in your Keto Diet Meal Prepping.

Keto Diet Meal Prepping: The Bottom Line

Now you have a better sense for how to arm yourself with knowledge and prepare for your keto diet experiment! It’s important to plan, prep, and stock up on foods that will nourish you AND be part of your keto diet. Feel free to adjust as it seems fit for your personal needs. But the bottom line is that planning is key. And make sure you’re incorporating your very favorite keto-friendly ingredients all the time to make up for all the carbs you’re giving up! Make keto as painless as possible with Keto Diet Meal Prepping!

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