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If you’ve done any research into keto supplements, you’ve probably come across some products called Keto BHB Salts. You may have thought to yourself, “Hey, what the hell is that?” We know that we did when we first heard of them. Luckily, we have a love of all things keto, so instead of writing them off, we started investigating! Now, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Keto BHB Salts in our handy guide! While you’re here, you’ll see links to reviews and articles all over this site. Click on anyone of them to learn more or to find a product that might supplement your keto diet.

What is BHB?

For those of you that don’t know, BHB is short for Beta-Hydroxybutyrate. It’s an exogenous ketone that, when taken, might speed up your keto diet. Since it can take a while to get your body into ketosis, this type of supplement is designed to help you burn fat sooner while you work on achieving ketosis. Ketones are what your body creates during ketosis, and exogenous just means it’s coming from an outside source. Therefore, an exogenous ketone is a supplemental ketone you take either when your body isn’t producing them naturally, or you just want things to go a little quicker.

What is Salt?

That’s a dumb question, right? Not really. That stuff you sprinkle on food is salt, but its technical name is sodium chloride, and it’s actually just one of many salts. A salt is just the name scientists give to substances that have an ionic bond. For instance, if you live in an icy climate, and someone lays down “salt” to melt the ice, it may not be the same stuff that you’re putting on your food. It may be potassium chloride or calcium chloride. They’re both salts too! Do not put either of those on your food. They’re disgusting and possibly poisonous. If it says it’s for your sidewalk, put it on your sidewalk. If it says it’s for your food, put it on your food.  Okay, that’s salt.

What are Keto BHB Salts?

BHB salts are salts that have beta-hydroxybutyrate as part of their composition. They’re made to be supplements like most other supplements. The only difference is that they’re… well… they’re salt. You’ll find a variety of Keto BHB Salts. Some of them bind the BHB to sodium, calcium, or magnesium. The idea behind them is that not only do you get the keto benefit of the BHB, but you can also supplement your diet with the mineral they’re bound to. Psst, sodium may have gotten a bad rap in the health community but we’ll let you in on a secret… you need it to live.

How to Use Keto BHB Salts

Okay, we need to explain something right up front here. If we didn’t mention this, some of what we’re about to suggest would sound absolutely disgusting. Often times, Keto BHB Salts will come in a variety of flavors. We found lemon-lime, orange, lemonade, raspberry lemonade, etc. Make sure you know what flavor you’re using. Here’s how to use them:

  • Mix it into your smoothies
  • Include it in recipes
  • Some Keto BHB Salts come as a pill, just take it
  • Mix it with water
  • Sprinkle over food

However you take it, make sure you read the manufacturers instructions. The last thing you want to do is take too much and cause some kind of problem.  Always take care of yourself.

That’s our guide to Keto BHB Salts! While you’re here, check out our product reviews or our guide to the Essential Keto Grocery List! Keep keto out there!

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