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The keto diet is growing in popularity at an incredible rate! As more and more parents start using it for their weight management, many of them are wondering, “Is Keto Safe For Kids?” It’s a natural question. Putting the kids on the same diet you’re on would make meal planning and grocery buying simpler. That said, there’s nothing more important than your children’s health, so you don’t want to do something that could hurt them in the long run just so you can save a couple minutes at the grocery store.

In our Is Keto Safe For Kids article, we’ll give you a little background info on the keto diet, look into whether or not it’s safe for kids, and we’ll even figure out if it’s okay to be on the ketogenic diet while pregnant. Here at Keto Pills, we never stop looking into all things keto. It’s our only purpose in life! If you’re ready to get started, so are we.

Is Keto Safe For Kids – History of Keto

The keto diet has been around for a long time. It became popular for a while in the 1920s and 30s. It was originally developed to treat epilepsy in… children! Yes, that’s right. This diet was designed for kids, but don’t stop reading because we have more important info. The ketogenic diet was a form of fasting, which meant it was temporary. Eventually, the keto diet was largely replaced by newer medicines in medical circles. It’s only in recent history (the 1990s) that keto has been coopted for weight loss.

In case you’re not aware, the keto diet macro ratios are:

  • 70-80% Fat
  • 20-25% Protein
  • 5-10% Carbs

Is Keto Safe For Kids

Let’s get into what you came here for. Is the Keto Diet Safe for Kids? According to most of the research we did… kind of. Remember how we mentioned that the when this diet was used to treat epilepsy, it was a temporary measure? That’s because kids need a more balanced diet. If there’s some sort of medical issue (epilepsy or diabetes), a doctor may recommend putting them on keto. Is it a good idea to do it in general? No, not according to what we found.

Kids are growing (duh, right?). For a full grown adult trying to control their weight or how their weight is distributed, this diet is a possible solution. Children’s biology is a little different, and they need different nutrients because they’re growing. They need carbs, protein, and less fat than keto dieters usually take in. Removing an entire food group (like carbs) can have adverse effects on their growth, and most doctors do not recommend it.

Is it okay to give your kids a keto-friendly meal once in a while to make shopping or meal planning easier? Yes, that’s fine, but make sure their diet is well rounded most nights.

Is Keto Safe For Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant (or looking to get pregnant for that matter), you may be wondering if the keto diet is safe for you and your baby. We’ve got good, and probably unexpected, news for you. According to some studies, pregnant women enter ketosis naturally without dieting more often than the average person. The keto diet does seem relatively safe for pregnant women, but make sure you do two things: 1) don’t pursue weight loss as it could be harmful to the pregnancy. 2) Consult with a doctor. They’ll be able to advise how to safely continue a keto diet without harming your pregnancy.

Is Keto Safe For Kids Summary

There are ways to stick with your keto diet while you’re pregnant, although it may require a few more carbs than you’re used to. Once the baby is born, it’s best to keep them on a regular well-balanced diet. While you’re here, check out our How To Live A Keto Lifestyle guide or our article about the Signs of Being in Ketosis.

Thanks for reading and good luck with you diet!

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