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Fat Burning Home Workouts: Get Lean At Home

We all want to burn more fat. If you’re on this page, it’s because you’re either on the keto diet or you’re thinking about it! And if either of those things is true, then you’re probably looking to burn fat. And you’ve already taken a huge step by thinking about the keto diet! After all, for many people, what we eat has MORE to do with weight loss than what we do in the gym! But you want to attack your weight loss from every angle, of course. Which is why we want to help you make a killer fat burning home workout plan!

Gym memberships can be EXPENSIVE. Not to mention all the time it takes to get to the gym and back. And the uncomfortable experience of showering and getting ready in the locker room with a bunch of other people! There has to be a better way to work out! And there is! It’s actually easy to create a fat burning home workout plan. All it takes is a little commitment, planning, and strategy!

Fat Burning Home Workout Plan: Get Organized

The most important thing about creating your own fat burning home workout plan is that you have to get organized! At the gym, they lay everything out so that it’s EASY for you to get your workout on. They have water readily available, music pumping, and fans to keep you cool. That way when it comes time to work out, you ONLY have to think about just that! Do yourself the same favor! Set your workout up for success, and you’ll be more likely to stick to it! Designate an area you feel good working out in, and make sure you have access to water and a way to cool down! You’re MUCH more likely to enjoy your fat burning home workout plan if you’re prepared!

Fat Burning Home Workout Plan: Cardio

The keto diet alone has been linked to controlling cravings and boosting mood. But cardio is a great way to burn some extra fat, and it’s generally pretty easy to use at home because it doesn’t require weights or other equipment! Here are some of our favorite cardio exercises to incorporate into our fat burning home workout plan:

  • Burpees| Like lots of the cardio exercises on our list, this infamous gym class classic targets almost all your muscle groups AND raises your heart rate!
  • Jumping Lunges| Get the toned legs of your dreams, and give your heart that extra boost with the jumps!
  • Jumping Jacks| This old standby is highly underrated! They’re a great way to get your cardio!
  • Jumping Squats| You probably get the idea by now. If you add a jump to pretty much any body weight exercise, you add a kick of cardio!
  • Mountain Climbers| We like this close cousin of the burpee much better! But maybe that’s because there’s not so much jumping!

Fat Burning Home Workout Plan: Strength Training

Cardio alone isn’t enough to make a balanced fat burning home workout plan. Even if you’re not looking to bulk up, a little bit of strength training is always a good idea to enhance muscle tone, burn fat, and potentially reduce your risk of injury! Here are some of our favorite strength training exercises you can do at home with no equipment!

  • Push-Ups| We’ve all done this exercise, and for good reason! Push-ups are great for targeting the muscles in your upper body for definition and tone in your arms, chest, and shoulders!
  • Jackknife Crunches| Jackknife crunches target both your upper and lower abdomen, so you’re getting maximum ab results from home!
  • Planks| No, not the kind pirates make you walk! This simple exercise is one of the easiest ways to get a full-body strength training workout! See how long you can hold it, and try to beat your record each day!

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