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In this brief article, we’ll be talking about Exercise And The Keto Diet. Everyone is talking about the keto diet and how well it works for weight loss. People claim that the energy they get from “going keto” is phenomenal and lasting compare to the peaks and valleys of glucose-dependent energy. But other people don’t experience these results. And, while the keto diet may work for you, you may actually feel drained as you also work towards calorie deficits. You can practice safe intermittent fasting on the keto diet. But what if you feel drained from giving up carbs because your body is used to it or your body doesn’t respond well to calorie deficient through intermittent fasting? How can exercise fit into your weight loss efforts? What can be said about Exercise And The Keto Diet?

Exercise And The Keto Diet can go together. Let’s not get this twisted. But it might feel a bit different for you depending on how a ketogenic diet makes you feel. In fact, this diet isn’t for everyone. But if it is, there are several stages you should be aware of and what to expect when considering Exercise And The Keto Diet.

Exercise And The Keto Diet: Keto Adaption

When you first start the keto diet, things can be rough. In fact, that’s what many of the supplements here at Keto Pills seek to help with: the keto adaption phase where your body is getting used to this new diet. When your body is switching from using glucose to using fat for energy. During this phase, your body may experience some challenges. You may be fatigued or have cravings and general feel low energy and grumpy. During this phase, Exercise And The Keto Diet = low-intensity exercise as your body adapts to this new way of eating. Think yoga and long walks. Take it easy. You’ll want to also make sure you’re upping your electrolyte and fluids during this time.

The bottom line? Before you’re keto-adapted, you will experience drops in your exercise performance (but don’t worry, this won’t last).

Exercise And The Keto Diet: After Adaption

After you are keto diet adapted, meaning your body is used to this diet and you may even be cruising in and out of ketosis getting the benefits from this diet, Exercise And The Keto Diet takes a different form. You may be enjoying the benefits of extra energy from the ketones your liver produces in ketosis. At this point, aerobic exercise performance should be back at its normal levels for you. And you will likely be burning more fat during your cardio than before! If the keto diet REALLY works for you, you’ll also feel like you have more energy than ever. This is all assuming you’re doing this diet “correctly” and are not overdoing it with intermittent fasting, which can make Exercise And The Keto Diet seem impossible.

The bottom line? You should be able to exercise like normal on the keto diet.

Exercise And The Keto Diet | Highlights:

  • Keto-Adaption Phase (Weeks 1-2) = Focus on low-intensity aerobic exercises while you ease into the keto diet.
  • Post Keto-Adaption Phase(s) = When you’re cruising with keto and you feel good and strong and full of energy, feel free to go for any high-intensity anerobic exercises you want!
  • Intermittent Fasting – If you decide to use the intermittent fasting tool for faster weight loss, switch back to the keto-adaption phase style exercises with low-intensity. You don’t want to overexert yourself when you’re fasting.
  • Keto Diet For Athletes – Exercise And The Keto Diet for athletes may mean slight alterations with this diet. You can try the Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TGD) or Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) for managing your quick energy resources from glucose while also managing your metabolism for optimizing through an overall keto lifestyle.
  • Weight Loss – Exercise is usually important for any weight loss plan. So, though the kinds and amount of food you eat is the most important factor for weight loss, Exercise And The Keto Diet should go together.

Exercise And The Keto Diet: The Takeaway

As you can see, Exercise And The Keto Diet is possible. And it’s encouraged! Just know that you have to do things right to get the results you want while feeling good in the process. And know that you have options as athletes for doing versions of the keto diet that work for you!

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