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Life After Keto: How To Eat Carbs After Keto

So you tried the keto diet. Maybe it worked for you, maybe you didn’t see the results you expected for whatever reason. And for whatever reason, you’re coming off the keto diet. But how can you begin eating carbs after keto without sending  your body into a tailspin? And without packing on the pounds immediately? Well, we assure you it IS possible. And all it takes is a little knowledge and dedication.

Why Go Off Keto?

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to go off keto. For many people, going off of keto makes sense once they have met their weight loss goals! For others, long term keto might have negative effects, so they keto diet in cycles. Other people simply don’t like having to restrict their carbohydrates so stringently! Whatever your reasons for going off keto, we won’t judge you! And we want you to know the RIGHT way to begin eating carbs after keto.

Eating Carbs After Keto: What To Expect

Any time you make a drastic change to your diet, you can expect some changes in your body as well. Every body is different so we can’t tell you exactly how your body will react to eating carbs after keto. But we can tell you some of the more common experiences that people have when reintroducing carbs after keto:

  • Your Blood Sugar Might Be A Little Wacky| It’s possible that you’ll experience some blood sugar spikes after you first carb-laden meals. Spikes and crashes in blood sugar may make you feel jittery, moody, or fatigued.
  • You MIGHT Gain Some Weight| It’s true, it’s possible you’ll gain some weight back. But it’s not a sure thing! A lot of this weight could also be water retention, not actual fat gain! So try not to stress!
  • Bloating Is A Maybe| Temporary bloating is a possibility when eating carbs after keto. Bringing fibrous foods back into your diet can be a small shock to the system. But don’t worry, the bloating should go down as your body readjusts.
  • More Energy| Now here’s one we can get behind. Lots of people experience more energy and mental clarity after reintroducing carbs to their diet long or short term.
  • You’re Hungry| The keto diet is higher in fat and protein, which makes it SUPER filling. When you go back to eating carbs after keto, you might feel hungrier after your meals because of the foods you’re eating. An easy solution? Combine those carbs with some protein and fat to keep you full!

Eating Carbs After Keto: The Right Way

Some of those effects don’t seem super pleasant. But most of them are temporary! And you can make things easier on yourself by eating carbs after keto the RIGHT way. What does that mean? Well, first of all, you should have a game plan. What are you going to eat now that you’re going off keto? Have a plan for eating healthy so you don’t just slip back into old bad habits! You should also keep portion control in mind! If you haven’t eaten carbs for a while, you’re more likely to take way too much! Make sure you’re paying attention to serving sizes. And finally—start with unprocessed or minimally processed carbs. Whole grains, legumes, fruits, and beans are a great place to start.

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