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The short answer to the question, “Does Keto Work?” is yes. However, depending on your reasons for going on a ketogenic diet, how much it “works” will be contingent on your needs and how strictly you follow the diet. For instance, if you are going on a keto diet to lose weight, it is important that you learn how to do it right and follow through with the correct habits to stay in ketosis for prolonged periods of time so you can actually lose weight. For others, following a ketogenic diet may not be for weight loss at all.

Does Keto Work: Defining Your Priorities

After all, ketogenic diets have been used for almost 100 years, originally used for treating epilepsy in children who did not respond to medication. In such cases, it may not be as important to stay in ketosis as frequently or for the same duration as someone wanting to lose weight. Nutritional ketosis is documented to have therapeutic benefits for a multitude of conditions, not just weight loss.

Since they do not all include weight loss as a goal, remaining in “ketosis” for extended periods of time may not be as important while still gaining benefits from a ketogenic diet. But staying in ketosis for prolonged periods of time is what helps people lose weight. So, if you are looking to do a keto diet for weight loss, when you ask, “Does Keto Work?” the answer is yes, yes it does work. But it only works when you apply the strictest keto standards. Even eating an apple or banana can kick you out of ketosis, so if you are trying to lose weight with a keto lifestyle, it will be important for you to be very careful with your dedication to the diet to know Does Keto Work for you.

Does Keto Work: Yes, If You Do It Right

Since most people these days are looking at ketogenic diets for weight loss, when you ask, “Does Keto Work?” the answer is yes, but the caveat is that it only works when you do it right. And to do keto right for weight loss is hard (at first). It takes knowledge, discipline, and positive thinking. You must change your eating habits in drastic ways. Kiss goodbye grains, sugar, bread, rice, beans, cereal, most fruits, and even some starchy vegetables. You can eat safely on a ketogenic diet, but it takes work, dedication, and repetition.

The kinds of foods are so limited on the ketogenic diet that it can get boring. So be prepared to eat a lot of fatty fish, dairy, low carb vegetables like leafy greens, nuts, healthy oils, and avocados. While this may seem boring and limited, you still can get all the nutrition you need from a keto diet, so it is safe, but it takes planning. Does Keto Work? It does. But you must be willing to follow these strict guidelines to stay in ketosis and live healthily on the diet at the same time by getting all your nutrients. Also, you can gain back the weight you lose from a keto diet if you go back to your old ways of eating afterwards.

Getting Results With The Keto Diet

However, when done right and with the right attitude, keto works to retool your metabolism and appetite so you don’t WANT to go back to your old ways after you’ve accustomed to a keto lifestyle. When you ask “Does Keto Work?” you open up a can of worms that involves your own dedication and attitudes towards the lifestyle. Are you looking for lasting change or a quick fix? Because even though keto diets can give you rapid weight loss, they are generally considered safe and effective in the long run if and only if your lifestyle changes are lasting and sustainable. So Does Keto Work? Yes – it does! But Does Keto Work for you is the real question.

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