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Any diet means you lose some food options, and we’re all always looking for delicious new recipes. That brings us to the crockpot! We love ours. Making things in it is so easy! Just turn it on, go to work, or hit the gym, and when you come home, you’ve got a hot meal! That’s why we’re going to tell you about Crockpot Keto Recipes! One of the great things about crockpot cooking is that there is a wide variety of how to make the dishes we’re about to list. Rather than give you specific instructions, we’ll give you some ideas and inspiration for your Crockpot Keto Recipes! For example, there are a lot of ways to make chili (whoops… spoiler alert). We’re not going to lay out entire recipes, but now that you know that chili is on the list… don’t you want to make chili? Here are some other great Crockpot Keto Recipes! Let’s get cooking!

Crockpot Keto Recipes

  • Chili – Well, obviously this one was going to be first. We did spoil it after all. Pretty much the only thing with carbs in chili is the beans. Guess what? You can leave the beans out and still make a dynamite chili! The rest is mostly tomatoes, vegetables, meat, and spices.
  • Pulled Pork – Pork is best when it has been slow cooked. Throw some BBQ sauce in there and toss it onto whatever other keto-friendly foods you’ve got! That’s good eatin’!
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip – Spinach and artichoke are both keto-friendly foods. The rest of this dip is pretty much just cheese. Some recipes use flour, but if you want to toss some in, just use almond flour, and you’re good!
  • Chicken Wings – They’re chicken wings… what else do we need to say?
  • Ribs – This is very similar to the pulled pork mentioned above, but it is different, so we’re counting it! Ribs are amazing, and they’re even better when slow cooked to perfection. Toss them in the pot with some BBQ sauce, and you’ll have an amazing keto-friendly dinner!
  • Cheese Dip – One of the big draws to the keto diet is that it allows dieters to eat cheese! That means cheese dip is a-okay for your diet! If you want some protein in there, toss in some chicken or jazz it up with jalapenos or spices.
  • Fajitas – Fajitas is Spanish for spiced vegetables… okay that’s not true but cut us some slack. We took French in high school, and we haven’t been able to use it EVEN ONCE!!! Fajitas are incredibly easy to make in a crockpot and they’re very keto-friendly!
  • Pot Roast With Mushrooms – It may take a while to cook, but like we said, turn on the pot and leave. You’ve got a great meal by dinner time. This comes with the bonus of creating amazing au jus… wait… did we just use our French?

Crockpot Keto Recipes | Final Thoughts

Whatever diet you happen to be on, there are great recipes! By no means is this list exhaustive when it comes to keto crockpot cooking. There’s an incredible variety of things that you can make in that slow cooker of yours. Go ahead and experiment a little bit. Throw chicken and some spices in there. Just don’t burn your house down. That’s all we ask.

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