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Keto Diet Cheat Days: Can You Cheat Your Keto?

We’ve all been there. No matter what kinds of diets you’ve tried, you’re probably familiar with the idea of a cheat day. After all, any time we cut a typical part of our diet out, it can be hard to quit cold turkey! ESPECIALLY on keto, when what you’re cutting out is all those delicious carbs! But anyone who has had success with keto will tell you it’s well worth the effort when the pounds start to come off! But will having cheat days on keto diet keep you from seeing the results you want? Could one day really set you back to square zero when it comes to the keto diet?

The answer is yes and no. We realize that’s not much of an answer at all. But trust us, you’ll understand more once you read the rest of what we have to say. See, keto weight loss relies on the metabolic state of ketosis. When we’re in ketosis, our body burns fat for energy instead of carbs! But to get into this state, you have to DRASTICALLY reduce your carbohydrate intake. And cheat days on keto diet might just send you spiraling out of ketosis! So what can you do? Can you still see success with keto even without 110% commitment to the keto diet? We think so! Read on to find out how!

Can You Have Cheat Days On Keto Diet?

There are lots of reasons people cheat on their diets. The most obvious one is cravings. The good news is that keto has been linked to more controlled cravings and improved mood! So once you’re over the initial hump, you might not even experience those cravings for carbs anymore! Some people are great at sticking to their diets until it comes to going out with friends or a partner. That can also lead to cheat days. The short answer to our question is, yes! You CAN have cheat days on keto diet! But they won’t be without consequences.

Cheat Days On Keto Diet: How To Get Back In The Zone

Ok, all that vague talk of consequences was pretty ominous. But it’s really not as bad as it sounds. Of course, it’s always best to try to stick to your keto diet. But if you have a cheat day, it’s not the end of the world! Or your weight loss journey! One of the biggest mistakes people make is giving up on their diet the SECOND they cheat. Stop that! It’s totally possible to get back on the keto weight loss horse, even if you slipped up. Here are a few of our top tips for recovering from cheat days on keto diet:

    • Intermittent Fasting| If you need to get back into keto fast, this might be the way to go! To do this, have an early dinner. Don’t eat after 8 PM for the first day. Stay away from any food other than water, coffee, or tea with grass-fed butter or coconut oil for 13-18 hrs from your last meal. Repeat as necessary. As with any dietary change, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor or nutritionist before deciding on intermittent fasting for cheat days on keto diet recovery!
    • Hydration Is Key| Water fills you up, so if you’re having any cravings after your cheat day it can really help!
    • Pack On The Fat| You’ll most likely experience cravings after cheat days on keto diet. Curb these by reaching for foods high in fat! This will help you get back into ketosis faster!
    • Keep Things Interesting| No one likes to eat the same thing day in and day out! Make it a goal to try a new keto recipe each week! If you’re not bored, you’re less likely to cheat on your keto diet and reach for those pesky carbs!
    • Catch Some Zzzs| Sleep plays a part in EVERY part of our wellness. And that includes weight loss! Did you know that when adults sleep less than eight hours a night, their hunger and appetite tends to increase the following day!? And that it could even slow down your metabolism? Well now you do! So do yourself a favor and get some sleep!
  • Give Yourself A Boost| Still struggling to get into ketosis and stay there? Plenty of supplement companies have created ketone supplements that could help you! These weight management pills are typically designed to keep you in ketosis even if you’ve had some cheat days on keto diet!

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