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Keto And Cardio: BFFs Forever?

We love the ketogenic diet. And if you’re visiting this page, you probably do too. But in case you’re just getting started on your keto journey, let’s explain exactly what keto is first. Then we can get into the ways that you can make cardio and keto work together for YOU. The ketogenic diet is a low carb/moderate protein/high fat diet that sends your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. In this state, your body begins to burn fat instead of carbs for energy, meaning better energy and faster fat burn!

But what kind of exercise is best while on the keto diet? Can cardio and keto coexist peacefully? Or will you be sabotaging your results? Keep reading to find our top tips for mixing cardio and keto for maximum benefits, and even some ideas on great cardio exercises to do while you’re on the keto diet!

Take It Slow To Start

When you begin the ketogenic diet, most people experience a sort of “brain fog” for the first few days. Obviously, this time isn’t going to be the best time to get peak performance from your workout. Try to take it easy and focus on cardio exercises that are lower in intensity and don’t require too much coordination. Besides, the state of ketosis has been shown to help people lose weight. You’ll be able to step up your workouts later on, but cardio and keto don’t always play so well together right at the beginning! Relish the opportunity to give your body a rest.

Eat Your (Healthy) Fats

Once you’ve moved past the initial keto “brain fog”, your body can really begin performing at it’s best thanks to the effects of ketosis. In this state, you start to burn fat for energy! And you know what that means? You have to eat more fat if you plan on doing cardio on keto. You need the energy to get through your cardio workout. And if you don’t have enough fat in your body, there will be nothing to burn for fuel! One of the most important things about combining cardio and keto is making sure you’ve taken in enough fat to fuel your cardio. Focus on healthy fats like oily fish, avocados, or nuts!

Cardio And Keto Tip: Skip the HIIT Workouts

Even though your body will begin burning fat instead of carbs for energy while in ketosis, some studies have shown that your body will burn carbs for fuel (regardless of ketosis) no matter what during most high-intensity workouts. And since you won’t be eating many carbs on a keto diet, your performance could suffer. Stay away from exercises like CrossFit and other high-intensity training. Cardio and keto work well together to burn fat even faster than either one alone, but focusing on low to moderate intensity cardio is going to be your best bet!

Cardio And Keto: The Best Cardio Exercises For Keto Dieters

So what are the most beneficial cardio exercises for keto dieters to use? We’ve picked a few low-moderate intensity favorites for you to choose from at any stage of your keto journey! One easy way to figure out if your workout is moderate in intensity is to test if you can talk but not sing—this means you’re hitting around the moderate intensity heart rate mark. If you can barely speak, you’re probably doing a workout that’s too high intensity.

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Ballroom Dancing

We hope you enjoyed our rundown of how to make cardio and keto work hand-in-hand to achieve your weight loss goals! Happy keto, happy cardio, happy everything!

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