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Can You Drink Beer On A Keto Diet?

So, you’ve finally made the plunge to try the keto diet. Congratulations! You’ve got all your sugar packed into a box, you’ve had a funeral for carbs, and you’ve got all your proteins right at the front of your fridge! We’re happy for you. This is a big step. But, there might be one thing you didn’t ask yourself before starting your keto diet: Can You Drink Beer On A Keto Diet? Uh oh. For some people, beer might be a hard thing to give up! Because really, beer has two things in it that are the enemy of keto: carbs, and sugar. NOOOOOOO. If this seems like it’s going to be a deal breaker for you, just step back for one second while we answer the question of Can You Drink Beer On A Keto Diet.

Because, if you really think about it, you’re bound to cheat at least a little bit while on your diet. Ultimately, keto is about adopting a new, healthy lifestyle. And, if “healthy” means continuing to drink things that make you happy from time to time, so be it! So, while all your friends are sitting around wondering, “Can You Drink Beer On A Keto Diet?,” you’ve already got the answer: yes. You’ll just have to get a little creative and work around some of the barriers to drinking beer while on keto!

Answer To Can You Drink Beer On A Keto Diet

So, here are some ways that you can work beer into your keto diet:

  1. Start by researching low-carb beer options– Greens Trailblazer, Budweiser Select 65, Rolling Rock Green Light, and Miller 64 are all low-carb beers that you can try. And, these are all pretty good-tasting beers! So, you’re not giving up much of anything, really.
  2. Substitute beer for wine– Can You Drink Beer On A Keto Diet? Yes, of course. But, you could also try switching to wine instead. Dry wines in particular are lower than sugar. So, you could always reach for the red after a meal instead of hitting the keg!
  3. Drink in moderation– Were you a heavy drinker before the keto diet? Well, you can always cut down instead of wondering: Can You Drink Beer On A Keto Diet? Let’s say you were planning to cheat that week with a candy bar, anyways. Well, then skip the candy bar and grab a beer, instead. You see what we mean? It isn’t the end of the world to make substitutions.
  4. Know that drinking won’t kick you out of ketosis– You can still drink and maintain ketosis. There is a myth that drinking will actually increase ketosis. But, this isn’t true.
  5. Try cocktails with keto friendly veggies– If you really are having trouble with the question of Can You Drink Beer On A Keto Diet, then put some keto-friendly vegetables in a cocktail. That way, you might feel that you are still sticking to your keto diet while at the same time indulging!

Final Thoughts: Can You Drink Beer On A Keto Diet?

You can be calmed to know that the answer to Can You Drink Beer On A Keto Diet is YES. However, just know that you might not be able to drink the way you did before you started keto. But, you won’t be able to eat the same way, either. So, this is really about embracing the change in your life. Are you ready? Well, don’t forget to look at some pills on the Keto Pills page before leaving, either! It’s all about the new lifestyle!

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