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Functional Water: Make Your Water Do More!

Move aside sugary sports drinks! Get out of here heavy protein shakes! There’s a new sheriff in functional beverage town. And it’s functional WATERS! Wait a minute! What’s a functional beverage? What the HECK is functional water? And why do you need to know? Hold your horses. We’re going to get to ALL of that in this guide to the best functional waters. But buckle up. Because we’re about to ROCK YOUR WORLD with one of the hottest fitness trends of 2019! These drinks are at the front of fitness science and technology. And they could bring you all the purity and hydration of water with ADDED benefits! And NO added calories or sugar. Sound to good to be true? That’s where you’re wrong. The future is now, and it’s functional water!!

What Are Functional Waters?

Functional drinks are drinks that have some other added health benefit or purpose. Think energy drinks, sports drinks, protein shakes. All of those are functional beverages. But until recently, most of these were FULL of artificial flavors and ingredients, calories, and added sugar. NOT so healthy after all. Have you ever LOOKED how much sugar or sodium is in your favorite sports drink? You might be surprised. And all that sugar can be a real downer. Especially if you’re on the keto diet! But the best functional waters are made with all natural ingredients and are still low or zero calorie. But they may carry extra benefits. This is where things get exciting.

The Best Functional Waters: Ingredients

You can find functional waters for ALL KINDS of benefits if you search hard enough. But here are a few of our favorite ingredients we’ve seen incorporated into the newest, best functional waters!

  • CBD | That’s right! Now you can get your CBD dose in your WATER! Several brands have introduced functional waters infused with CBD. It’s an easy to control and discreet way to administer CBD, and you have the added benefit of hydration!
  • Birch Sap | Birch sap is faintly sweet and FULL of trace minerals pulled up and stored away over long winters. But at the end of the day, it’s water! And it might beat out coconut water for our favorite natural fitness water!!
  • Caffeine | Looking to get an energy boost without the calories of a latte? Look no further than one of the MANY caffeine-infused water options now available! No need to worry about coffee stains on your teeth! And with the best functional waters, you can’t even taste a difference!
  • Antioxidants | More and more companies are introducing waters infused with antioxidants to help promote overall health and even improve your skin! Try drinking one of these during your workout instead of your usual water and see if you get an extra glow!
  • Protein | We’re totally over heavy protein shakes. More and more waters are being introduced that have protein! So you can get your gains WITHOUT feeling weighed down. And they’re usually lower in sugar, which is great news for those on the keto diet!

The Best Functional Waters

Now that you know which ingredients to look out for, it’s easy for you to search for a functional water that meets YOUR needs. But in case you need some more inspiration, here are a few of our FAVORITE waters that do MORE than what we can get out of the water fountain at the gym:

  • BiPro Protein Water | Each bottle of this water has 20g of protein! And no lactose, gluten, sugar, fat, or carbs. And it comes in 3 fruity flavors! $3.95/Bottle.
  • CBD Living Water | This is one of the best functional waters we’ve seen to date. Made with organic hemp CBD extracts, you can stay hydrated and dose your CBD! Imagine being able to get your dose at yoga class! Each 500ml bottle contains 10 million nanograms of CBD. $5.99/Bottle.
  • Bulletproof Fat Water | So many of our enhanced water picks are going to be hits with the keto crowd. And Fat water is no exception. This water has NO sugar, 3g carbohydrates, 20 calories, and 1g fat! Which may not seem like much, but it’s a great way to get a bit of extra fat into your keto diet when you’re already feeling full! Which is known to happen, because being in ketosis can actually reduce cravings!

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