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No More Wedgies: The Best Swimwear For Athletes

We all know what it feels like. You’re getting into your workout, swimming laps or water skiing or WHATEVER IT IS and then the dreaded wedgie strikes. It seems like there’s an endless amount of options for workout wear for those who work out on land. But what about those of us with a more aquatic lean? Are we just doomed to have our workout wear ride up, chafe, and wear out forever? We put our swimwear through more than your average joe, and we want it to hold up AND be comfortable during our workouts. And there ARE great options out there! So we’re going to tell you all about how to choose the best athletic swimwear!

What To Look For In Athletic Swimwear

When you’re looking for a swimsuit to wear to the beach, you’re probably looking for one that meets a few requirements. You want it to be cut in a way that looks good on your body. You probably want a pattern or color that appeals to you visually. And you want it to feel soft and comfortable! But when you’re on the hunt for the best athletic swimwear, that checklist looks a little different. Here’s what you’ll want to watch out for when looking for quality swimwear to work out in:

  • Is It The Right Cut? | We’ll chat more about this in the next section, but if you want to find the best athletic swimwear for YOU, you’ve got to make sure it’s the right cut for your activity!
  • How Much Coverage Do You Want? | Do you want to be fully protected from the sun? Or do you like to have the freedom of a skimpier swimsuit?
  • Which Fabric? | Not all swimwear fabrics are created equal. When seeking out athletic swimwear, look for pieces made of sturdy fabrics that won’t wear out so quickly. And if you’re planning on wearing your swimsuit off the beach or out of the gym, quick dry fabrics come in handy!
  • Comfort Is Key | There’s a reason we talked about wedgies at the top of this review. And that’s because nothing ruins your workout like an uncomfortable bathing suit. Make you can try on the suit and move around a bit to see how it feels!

The Best Athletic Swimwear For Your Sport

  • Surfing | If you’re a surfer, look for a suit that has a little more coverage to protect you from the sun and that fits securely while you’re tossed about under the waves!
  • Swimming | If you’re a swimmer, you’ve got some options when it comes to the best athletic swimwear! Go with whatever makes you feel comfortable, unless you think you’ll be swimming in areas with strong currents! Then opt for something that fits snug to avoid wardrobe malfunctions!
  • Diving | Pick a suit without much extra fabric and a snug fit!
  • Water Skiing/Wakeboarding | A snug fit comes in handy here, too, especially as the boat is taking off! You might also want more coverage since you’ll be out of the water in the sun while skiing or boarding. Try using an SPF that contains Vitamin E, too. It could add some extra sun protection!
  • Synchronized Swimming | We threw this in here as a little nod, really! If you’re a synchronized swimmer, you probably wear a suit like the one you perform in to prepare. But we still wanted to give y’all a shout out!

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