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Keto is becoming a popular diet trend. More and more people are looking for fast ways to tackle weight loss, and though ketogenic lifestyles are supposed to be just that – lifestyles rather than quick fix “diets” – a 30 Day Keto Challenge is a way to begin living keto to jumpstart the lifestyle and, in some cases depending on your goals, provide initial dramatic weight loss. The 30-Day Keto Challenge is very customizable.

30 Day Keto Challenge: What’s It All About?

It can also just be an opportunity to wean yourself off “carb dependency,” a process not unlike quitting smoking or other additive substances. The challenge is meant to acclimate your system to a ketogenic diet and alter your metabolism to make it more “flexible.” Above all, the challenge is meant to train your body to be “keto-friendly,” improving and altering your metabolism to not only handle but also thrive on ketogenic living.

30 Day Keto Challenge: Looking At It Like An Experiment

So, what does a 30 Day Keto Challenge look like? Well, it depends on your goals. You goals could include weight loss, but they could also include improving the appearance of your skin, stopping your addiction to sugar and carbs, retooling your metabolism, reducing inflammation, or even balancing your mood. In fact, ketogenic diets first became popular in the 1920s not for weight loss but to help treat children with epilepsy who didn’t respond to other medication treatments.

While more research needs to happen to determine the exact safety and effectiveness of ketogenic diets for overall health, scientists are already looking at the various health benefits of ketogenic diets. No matter what your goals and priorities are, a 30 Day Keto Challenge turns your lifestyle on its head as you begin to “live keto.” It’s a way of “trying on” keto, at the very least. To make a 30 Day challenge fun and truly informative, it may be healthiest to view it as not only a challenge but also as an experiment.

30 Day Keto Challenge: The Process

When you start a 30 Day Keto Challenge, you need to plan to make sure you do it right. If you don’t do it right, you run the risk of not being prepared for what is to come both in terms of how to eat as well as how to deal with being deprived of certain foods i.e. carbohydrates. In fact, you may get sick in the beginning of a 30 Day Keto Challenge since the “keto flu” (“carb flu”) is a real thing.

Ketogenic diets are extremely low-carb (only 20-50 grams a day). On a ketogenic diet, 70-80% of your calories come from fat, 20-25% come from protein, and only 5-15% come from carbohydrates. The increase in fat and great reduction / elimination of carbs is what puts your body into a state called ketosis that burns fat stores rather than glucose from carbs. A

Final Thoughts

30 Day Keto Challenge is basically an experiment in how well you can participate in intermittent fasting without starving yourself. Since with keto, your body goes into a state of “starvation” even though you are still eating. In theory, this alters your metabolism to give you more energy with less fuel with the bonus of no longer craving problem foods. But you must get over the initial hump of changing your lifestyle in this way to experience these results. The main piece of the 30 Day Keto Challenge puzzle is trying out a ketogenic diet, perhaps dealing with “carb flu,” and finally coming out the other side to see how it works for you.

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